Lets see those MF beasties

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  1. Playing about this morning with Metz hammerhead mounted on tripod taking some camera pics. Here is my (bit scruffy) Mamiya RB67 Pro S 50mm fitted, Lets see those Medium format beasties P1011263.JPG Lets see those medium format beasties

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  2. A pair of Mamiya C33's Not a matching pair. P1011229.JPG

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  3. Used the Metz because I could not be bothered my arse dragging out the proper flash heads. .Not that I have the room for them here at home anyway. Photos taken on a box in the bath. Also I have never used the Metz like this, mounted on a tripod. Also wanted to try out the flash meter function on my new (to me) light meter. All works.
  5. BRONICA S2A IKOFLEX 1 IKOFLEX 2 lever focus AGFA BILLY COMPUR. The IKOFLEX lever focus has beautifully bloomed TRIOTAR and viewing lens.




  6. OOOPS!! I neglected to post this. MAMIYA C-33 80mm 2.8 blue dot. The heavyweight of MAMIYA TLR'S.

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  7. A couple of my MF cameras

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  8. I already posted this in another thread - 1000s.jpg
    My rather tatty M645 1000S, flanked by a 35mm f/3.5 N Sekor-C and 50mm f/4 shift lens.

    And a slightly older Franka Solida 6x6cm with 'swirly' f/2.9 Radionar lens. Franka-Solida.jpg

    Wait 'til you try and use it for downlighting. It has to hang like a bat, upside-down from a bracket!

    Useless things. Get rid.
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  9. Just like any studio flash head then.. I have a dedicated flash for my digital HATE THAT FN THING Multiple push button modes horible complicated LCD screen. Buttons that require pushing in with a fingernail or a pen. Used that POS for only for two flash shots. The Metz is simple & straightfoward with 6 full auto modes. Okay it is bulky & heavy NOT A PROBLEM. Im bulky & heavy too..
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  10. Not really. My studio flash heads will all swing downwards to quite an angle. And lock there. I don't have to set an hourglass while they recycle either.;)

    It amazes me how those old Mecablitz hammerheads can polarise people. Some love 'em. Some hate 'em. I have to agree on modern 'dedicated' speedlights though. Total overkill, totally overpriced and totally under-delivering on giving a "perfect exposure every time". I guess their designer's idea of a 'perfect' exposure is one where the subject is somewhere between the deepest shadows and the blown highlights - anywhere in that ballpark seems to do.
  11. Oh I have flash heads 5 of em. just not the room at home to set em up.

    On auto I find the Metz recycles fast enough. Granted full power it is a pain. It amazes me to see SO CALLED PHOTOGRAPHERS using flash on a hotshoe. NOTHING QUITE SO HORIBLE never mind the red eye. Obviously never heard of an angle bracket.. ..
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  12. I blame that partly on visual literacy not being part of the usual school curriculum. We teach children how to read, write and do maths, but very little on how to use their eyes or other senses critically.

    Even most photography courses concentrate heavily on the technicalities of camera and lens use, with maybe a sideways glance at composition. Almost no time is devoted to our basic working material - LIGHT. It's like neglecting to teach a joiner about wood, or a mechanical engineer about the properties of metals!

    As for the, thankfully passing, vogue among fashion photographers to mimic the lazy frontal lighting style of a paparazzo.... the least said about that the better.
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  13. I always tell people that a studio is nothing more than a place where you can control light.
  14. I don't got to be asked more than once to trot this out,
    Pentacon six TL and lenses
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  15. An early Hasselblad Series One sized down.jpg
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  16. I don't think TLR's, like the one in the background, qualifies as beasts, but this Fujica GL690 certainly is a handful. Those 6x9cm negatives are gorgeous.
  17. Nice. I feel that way about 645.
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  18. Hello Andy,

    Is the camera in the table at Hasselblad Historical - Series 1 Hasselblad Cameras ?
    If not, would you care to share the info and have it included in the table?

    Good set of lenses, those Ektars.
    The 80 mm, i found, is better than the Zeiss Tessar 80 mm lens Hasselblad switched to later.
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  19. Q.G.,

    The Hasselblad Historical site that you mention has been extremely helpful in many different ways. Lots of fantastic information up there. As relates to this particular Series One. I don't think I can pass up an invitation from you :) So yes, I would certainly like to have it included. Will this camera bring the total known examples up to 30?

    Why not send me a PM with the info you need and I will reply with the needed info. I also have interest in the Hasselblad Historical feature that supports matching original film magazines with their original camera and will explain what I have and have interest in finding a match for.


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