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  1. Hey guys,
    Currently I own a Nikon D80, which I'm extremely happy with. The only concern I have is where to keep the lens cap when you're taking picture. I've been trying to either hold it on my left hand, or put it in my pocket, which is really annoying becaue you don't know when you're done taking pictures. How do you guys solve this problem? Do you guys have a cap keeper? If yes, where do you buy those from? If no, how are you holding on to your cap?
    This question apply to my 18-135mm and 50mm f1.8, and soon to be the Sigma 105mm macro.
    Thanks in advance guys,
  2. Some folks solve the problem by using a sort of lens cap leash. One end has an adhesive dot of plastic that attaches to the front of the lens cap. The leash is either wrapped around the lens barrel or strung through one of the eyelets for the camera neckstrap. I've used several versions of those leashes. Almost invariably they get in the way when I'm working quickly.
    Usually I just put the lens cap in a shirt or pants pocket. Sometimes in the camera bag. Depends on what's handy. Depends on the situation. When shooting events I leave the cap off the entire time. So far I've lost very few, if any, original lens caps.
  3. When my camera is out of the back, there is no lens cap on the lens(when there is no reason to keep the cap on f.i. rain.
  4. Mine is in my pocket, I find the leash cumbersome especially when the wind blows.
  5. I keep my lens caps in the box the lens came with, along with the soft case and all the warranty papers. etc. Therefore, all my lens caps are in LNIB condition ;-) I protect the front element by keeping the lens hood in place at all times, and use a bit of common sense.
  6. Those cap keepers drive me nuts. But since I'm a guy, and rarely wear slinky cocktail dresses, I've pretty much always got a pocket. And every bag, pack, or camera holster I've got has at least one little stretchy external mesh pocket for low-profile items. I also forgo three extra Grande Half-Caffe Skim Lattes per calendar year so that I can afford... a couple of spare lens caps! Front and rear. Under really dire circumstances, when the fate of Freedom And Democracy is at stake, I'll even (caution, delicate readers!) get out the caps that shipped with my Sigma lenses.
  7. cap keeper. they get lost in pockets. I have had a few fail in death valley, but they work pretty well.
  8. Why keep the lens cap on when you're carrying the camera? If you need more protection, use a clear (or UV) filter and (always) a lens hood. Use the cap only in the bag, where the lens is much more likely to be damaged in contact with other items, and leave the cap in the bag when you take the camera out.
  9. I really felt I needed one for the 14-24 & my 10,5mm Fisheye cause they have very large lens caps. So I bought some on eBay.
    Well, already day one the cap failed on the 14-24. The lens cap is simply too big & heavy for the keeper to hold. So I'm back to pockets. The keepers only look silly & they're in my way. Not to mention that it looks silly to have the lens cap dangling under the camera.
    Pocket, Pockets, & more pockets. :)
    Lil :)
  10. I use sticky velcro strips that stick to parts of my camera bag
  11. My friend, after every picture he takes he covers the lens back with the cap. Also, every time I look at him he is wiping the front element of the lens! :)
    Don't be nervous about it. Leave the cap in your main bag while using the camera. the only time I put the caps back is when I change lenses.
  12. bms


    I hear ya, the 14-24 cap is a monster in itself.
    Otherwise, front shirt pocket for me.
  13. Back pocket works for me...
  14. Pockets. Plus, if you've got an "esoteric" collection of lenses that use diferent size caps, tethers with a single cap size seem to be rather awkward.
  15. Thanks guys, I spent half an hour looking at lens cap keeper last night, but looks like you guys just save me the effort and money. It seems the bottom line, lens cap is for protecting the camera once it's in the bag; once it's out, cap goes to either cam back, or mostly pocket.
    Sweet, I love this forum.
  16. Cargo/Army pants... there's always like, 8 pockets to put stuff in.
    Or, army shirts. They have shoulder/arm pockets which are handy too.
    If you get a CDN style army shirt, they have HUGE pockets, to even keep some prime lenses in. It's like wearing the fishing vest, but with better style. That's what i do, at least.
  17. I own a UK photographic mail order company and we sell literally thousands of those cap keepers... they're so cheap and they do exactly what they say they do... prevent lost lens caps.
  18. I agree with Edward - put the lens cap in a pocket or the camera bag until you are finished using the camera. The only drawback of some pants pockets is that they may have a lot of lint in them, especially if you've been using them to store Kleenex.
    Benjamin, as for the front shirt pocket, I've had too many things drop out of that pocket when I lean over that I can't recommend them.
    Another benefit of putting the caps away, as mentioned earlier is that it preserves them. I have 25 year old Nikon caps that still look mint. I recognize it because I had engraved my name on the back side of it a quarter century ago. That was the only cap that I ever did that to, then I stopped because I thought it was ridiculous.
  19. bms


    Robert, point well made. Occasionally things drop out... However the number of pockets in my jacket and pants and camera bag add up to more than I can remember.... :) Maybe I'll try the Army Shirt....
  20. I just drop the lens cap in my pocket. At some point durring the day it will fall out and be lost forever. I lose four or five lens caps a year. They are cheap enough. Every now and then I find a lens cap on the street or trail. I pick it up and see if it fits any of my lenses. It's a game, if it fits, I win. Lens cap keepers always get in the way. I can't stand them on my own gear.
  21. Pocket or Bag for me... Keepers are annoying.
  22. Forget the cap and just use a UV filter.
  23. I have lens hoods on all my lens at all times, and use plastic lids that fit on the lens hood, instead of the factory lens caps, pringles potato chip lid, cottage cheese container lid, tupper ware lids etc what ever fits, and when the lens comes out of the camera bad the hood cover stays in the bag, these cover are just to keep dust of the front element when the lens are in the bag. Taking a lens cap on and off while taking photos no way. For protection on a beach or blowing sand a filter.
  24. I put mine in the pocket when I'm out shooting. I hate putting the camera up to face only to find out the cap is on, I've missed a few shots due to that.The cap is on when the lens goes in the bag, otherwise I the cap is always off when I have the lens/camera in my hands. All my lenses have hoods, so they're somewhat protected.
  25. Caps are for storage, plain and simple. Have you ever tried to remove a cap when the lens shade is in position?
  26. Left front pants pocket by long habit.
  27. Have you ever tried to remove a cap when the lens shade is in position?

    That's what center-pinch-style caps are for!
  28. My pockets invariably contain fluff. Caps are great at avoiding physical damange to a lens, but they hardly ever prevent fluff/dust getting on it ... consequently I find caps generally ain't necessary during a 'shoot' if a sensible hood is fitted and I have a 'lipstick' brush to hand.
    Nevertheless, to avoid losses I attach a thin elasticated thread to the caps (and some expensive, but insecure, hoods too). There's a big loop on the end that can be hooked up to something on the camera, or elsewhere. Half-millimetre elastic thread costs just pennies per metre, and only requires a tiny hole to be made in a cap/hood in order to fit it. The commercial versions are fine, too.
  29. When I pull my camera out of the bag, the lens cap gets dropped in the bag and the lens hood goes on the lens. If I'm out walking with my son, I might take the lens cap and if I do, it goes in a pocket - but most of the time I just leave it in my bag.
    I find the P&S cameras with the little string for the lens cap annoying - I'd think it would be more annoying on a DSLR with a larger lens cap dangling.
  30. When I pull my camera out of the bag, the lens cap gets dropped in the bag and the lens hood goes on the lens. If I'm out walking with my son, I might take the lens cap and if I do, it goes in a pocket - but most of the time I just leave it in my bag.
    I find the P&S cameras with the little string for the lens cap annoying - I'd think it would be more annoying on a DSLR with a larger lens cap dangling.
  31. I have a stick-on gizmo with an elastic that goes around the lens. While it's a pain, I, too, would lose the cap in my pocket (done that over the years). Too bad no one follows Sony's example (e.g. F828, DSC S-70) - the cap has the 'string' attached and it attaches to a 'clip' on the neckstrap. The best feature is the string can be pulled through the clip, snugging the cap up against the strap - no dangling, no 'pendulum' effect, no losing the cap. I haven't been able to find anything like that for my D300 cap - I'm thinking of moving it from my S-70 and modifying the 72mm cap to accommodate it. If anyone knows of the existence of something similar for the Nikon, let me/us know!
    Best regards

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