Leicaflex Standard Mk. I - is that normal?

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  1. Hi guys!
    I've recently bought a nice Leicaflex Standard Mk. I. Overall in good cosmetical and mechanical shape. However two things in its viewfinder concern me (see the attached photo):
    1. There is a clear vertical line, which looks like a partial dessilvering of the prism's edge, and
    2. Viewfinder shows concentric circles at the edge of the frame, which are very noticable.
    Both issues are quite distracting.
    So, what do you think, is it normal? Or I should return the camera and try to find another one in better shape?
  2. Sorry, forgot the image.
  3. SCL


    The vertical line certainly isn't normal. The rings look like the edges of fresnel rings or circular cleaning scratches. Of course none of the above affects your photos. Unfortunately since the focusing screen isn't interchangeable, the only way to fix the problem/s is to have an expert (like DAG or Sherry) try to find a good condition replacement since parts aren't generally available for this model. The Standard was noted for a bright viewfinder, because one which wasn't very useful because most of the viewing image (the area outside of the central spot) couldn't be used to accurately focus or determine DOF. The SL & SL2 which followed have much better, more effective screens (I kept my SL2 but sold the SL).
  4. Because the effect is merely cosmetic and has no effect on image making, i'd ignore the problem. Frankly you'll get used to it, without even noticing the faults plus the repair is quite expensive.
  5. De-silvering is a known problem with Leicaflex pentaprisms.
  6. FWIW, the same fresnel rings are even more visible on my Nikon F. As Paul suggested, I don't notice them at all in
    practical use - Tending to naturally pay most attention to the subject.

  7. Thank you, guys! Just I read somewhere that those circles are normally not visible in leicaflexes viewfinders.

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