Leica Camera AG and Phase One conclude strategic alliance

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by darko|1, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. http://www.phaseone.com/upload/phaseoneandleicacamera.pdf

    Is there any leaks about this alliance, just wonder what will it bring us??
  2. I wonder if it's bringing us the S2.
  3. I tought that S2 sensor has been developed by Kodak which has been working with Leica since M8 and Modul-R..that`s why I ask myself this queastion.
  4. My expectation is that Phase One will provide the pro-grade pre- and post-sales support for the Leica S2. Leica's existing dealer network are not the sort of folks who deal with the target market for the S2 (which isn't rich dentists). Leica's existing post-sales support isn't presently providing the sort of post-sales support that these customers would expect (quick turnaround time, fixed the first time, good communications, loaners, etc.).

    This also indicates that Phase One expects that Leica's S2 will have a serious impact in the MF market, as otherwise they would ignore them.

    As for Kodak sensors, they are either #1 or #2 in providing medium-format sensors.
  5. Michael:

    yes Phase One is involved inthe S2 program. Imacon (now Hasselblad) was involved with the leica DMR. Which also used a Kodak sensor.


    Phase One uses CCD imaging chips for both Kodak and Dalsa (formerly a division of Phillips Electronics) in their backs.
  6. Maybe a reasonably priced digital back for my Hassies will come out of all this. . .

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