Legendary Olympus designer Maitani dies

Discussion in 'News' started by davidlong, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. So very sad. A real innovator. I still have and use an early example of his genius.
  2. The OM-1 was a great 35mm SLR cameras. A real classic. Simple, clean, and precise. Never owned one, but wish I did. I sold many OM's when I spent 6 years working at a camera store in Chicago.
  3. Greg, what camera store did you work at? I worked at Altmans on Wabash st. from about 12/73 to 5/75 when Ralph sold out the business. I then worked at Camera Exchange on Dearborn untill I moved in 1978. Just went back to visit Chicago last September and all the camera stores in the loop are gone except for Central Camera. The loop has changed beyond all recognition and one of my favorite places, the Adler Planetarium has been expanded but many of the features I knew and enjoyed are gone. Too bad, I think.
  4. He was an icon when the OM-1 came out. My brother bought one and it was so small compared to the other beasts at the time: Nikon F, Canon FDs, Leica Rs, Zeiss/Voightlander/Praktica/Alpa/et.al.
  5. John, I worked at Watlands Camera. They had about a eight stores in the South Suburbs (Blue Island, Tinley Park, Kankakee.... OK, a little far to be a suburb.... , Hammond, etc.) I worked at the Chicago Heights store. I remember Altmans. My parents bought a Canon TL/QL their for my birthday (1971).... my first 35mm SLR. I loved Altmans, they had everything anybody could ever need. Camera stores like that are a thing of distant memories. Watlands stores were small by comparison, but they were staffed by knowledgeable photographers (another thing that's hard to find today)..... Anyway, the OM-1 was a classic a real testimony to vision of Maitani...
  6. may his soul rest in peace. i use his creation. i am sure plenty would until film runs out.
  7. Few days before Maitani passed away, I'd received a beautiful OM 3ti. The best thing that I can do to honour his memory is using it. And I am doing it, for sure. What a marvellous piece of equipment!
    The OM line is the perfect compromise between the ease of use of an SLR and the quietness and other advantages of the Leica M line. In fact, it is the SLR that Leica should have produced. A class in its own.
    My respects for Maitani and his crew.
  8. I love the OM series. But Maitani's Pen F SLR series are truly brilliant. Whenever I put my Pen FT down, people just walk up and want to hold it! Just brilliant and elegant all at once. No wonder Olympus went back to his creative well to create the new EP-1.

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