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  1. Rose, Hin and few others initialed the LBA/CBA challenge on April 16, 2008 after tax date and set off NOT to buy
    any new lens and camera for 3 months until July 15. Some information and links in this blog post

    While I am counting down the days, I have few confessions to make. I sold/donated/gifted 13 items including 10
    lenes, 2 cameras and 1 flash. I did that in the 1st month and I feel great with less gear.

    For about 2 months, I managed to have 0 watchlist in ebay. As the challenge end gets near, I have started adding
    watchlist but all are in accessories such as Vivitar 2x macro, Vivitar AT-22 extension tubes, Kenko teleplus 2x
    Macro and battery. But one twist in my challenge is that I repurchase one of the lens that I sold -- Pentax DA
    50-200 f/4.0-5.6. It is weird, I missed this not-so-great lens due to its lightweight and useful range. But
    overall, I still manage keep my gear not growing.

    15 days to count down before we lifted the ban from purchase. I want to limit myself to purchase one lens but I
    have not decided what is the first to get in my list

    If you are in the challenge, please report back what happens and if you are still like me counting down the days,
    what are the gear that gets to your mind after the ban. Please take precaution on gear purchase after the
    challenge as we meant to use the challenge to clear our heads with what we need.
  2. WARNING: All of us who are not on the LBA challenge have 15 days to make our purchases before glass prices on eBay
    go through the roof again!!!
  3. Hin - I hear that.. I only use three lenses, the DA 16-45, SMC-M 50 f1.4 and the Viv S1 105.. I have but could do without 9 other lenses. 7 for sure, I'd likely keep the DA 50-200 as well. It's very small and performs respectably. And one 300mm I am awaiting..
  4. Well, just this past Sunday I have bought an used K10D. Nothing wrong with my good old istDL but the price was just too good to pass. The only thing is, that I am still undecided which camera to keep. K10D is no doubt great camera but I just simply can't get used to the extra weight. I might take it with me for a day trip this weekend so I can make final decision. I guess when I keep the K10D I am out of the challenge, otherwise, I guess buying and selling (for profit or not) is not against the rules.

    Will keep you posted.
  5. Maurycy, I suspect that once you drink from the sweet waters of shake reduction, you won't be able to give it up.

    Hang in there Hin!

    I've bought 4 lenses since you started the challenge: our favourite Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8-4.3, which was bought on
    the very first day of the challenge (go me!) and which I've used a whole lot, definitely getting my money's
    worth; the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 which will replace it; and two old Pentax zooms I bought just for fun, that I
    will resell at a later date.

    I may not have participated in the challenge, but I do have the spirit. I'm not feeling deprived, nor desperate
    to buy the lenses I want (need?) for my photography. It's important for us to understand that it's mainly *us*
    getting in the way of the photos we want, not the lens. (Of course, if you want to shoot wildlife and don't have
    a 500mm lens, then a 135mm f/2.8 isn't going to cut it, but for most of us this isn't the case.)
  6. Maurycy, Hang in: it won't take long for you to get used to the feel of the k10d and mis is right about the SR. And there's no law that says you can only have one camera: I kept the k100d after I bought the k10d and I'm glad I did.

    Hin: The timing wasn't right for me to join in lba abstention and I've been very, very bad. However, the lba impulse may have exhausted itself (along with my bank account.) The Sigma 70-200mm I have on order will pretty much complete my kit (except for the "super-telephoto" which will have to wait.) Right now, I have more pressing issues: 1) actually using all these great lenses and 2) coping with the fact that, after a year of active shooting, my hard-drive is close to capacity.
  7. Have you guys noticed that MSFT is giving cash back for "qualified" bay BIN purchase?
    This would simply making stick to non-LBA hard.

  8. I just tried couple of my lenses that I have here on the new K10D. My old istDL was perfect with Pentax DA 50-200mm but when I put Sigma 17-70mm, the balance was just not right. With K10D is the other way around. Sigma fits perfectly and DA 50-200mm looks and handles weird. Still we are talking a lot of extra weight so I am still undecided. For some reason, I never came across (or simply do not remember) situation where I would need SR. Wouldn't call it the dealbreaker. I do find the extra 4 megapixels worth upgrading though. Thinking that maybe K200D would be better for me. Hmm?
  9. Hin you have done really well. Now that you have saved up your money and fulfilled your promise, you can finally get those beautiful Limited lenses. You've earned the right.

    As little digital as I have been shooting, I'm thinking- I don't need another DSLR, ridiculous!! My K100D is super! Great clean crisp images. Maybe the new ones are more muted, not as snappy. Do I need 10+mp? How much do I crop? When I do it's not drastic, maybe 8x10 size. Will I ever see it? But I would notice increased noise at ISO 400-800, which I do not have now. But that deal now on the K200D is great- $585 with the new kit lens??!! And it has, unlike the K10D, very sharp JPEG quality, and.. in-camera selectible noise reduction, hmmm.
  10. Hin, I admire your tenacity and will power..You have done well. I had attempted to take on the challenge, but very quickly realized, that I did not want to. :) In fact, I went haywire...''really haywire'' and it felt pretty good... :)
  11. OK, well if any of you decide that you can live without your Sigma 17-70mm, you just let me know. I think once I have that, I might be done.

    Good job Hin & Rose (and anyone else who managed abstain from LBA)! I hereby dub you Master of your Domain and Queen of the Castle (references to Seinfeld episode that's probably my favorite!)

  12. "For some reason, I never came across (or simply do not remember) situation where I would need SR."

    Maurycy, you live a blessed life LOL! *I* cannot remember last time I shot faster than 1 / (35mm-equiv. FL).

    Do I live a particularly dark life...?
  13. "Maurycy, you live a blessed life LOL! *I* cannot remember last time I shot faster than 1 / (35mm-equiv. FL).

    Do I live a particularly dark life...?"

    Hmm? Maybe :)

    I usually take my camera to the park where I go with my kid. That's mostly during the day so light is not an
    issue. For other situations like Manhattan by night or indoor photography I always use tripod.

    This weekend is a big test. I think I am going to MA for two days with my bike and camera. We'll see if my
    backpack and my back are strong enough for K10D.
  14. Hin, Rose and Company

    Congratulations on a worthwhile exercise in self control and road mapping / planning your best equipment matches out. I on the other hand over the last three months; like Javier pretty much did a Thelma & Louise right off the cliff with new gear. Now it's past time to weed out some of the older stuff that's not the best fit for my shooting style.

    You can read all the reviews and opinions you want but for me anyway I often need to use the gear for some time to decide for myself what works best. So I've started looking at buying, selling and the often 20% to 25% or so lost as a long term rental expense to evaluate gear. Over the next few weeks it's time to say good bye to many of my m42 lenses, the k100d and a few DA lenses too and not that they are worth much but I have not shot my old Minolta's in at least a couple or years... House cleaning can be a very cathartic thing, but damn sometime it's hard to let go....

  15. Mis, you and me both. I am occasionally surprised to note that the camera recommends a third digit on shutter speeds.
    Unfortunately I haven't been all that impressed with K10D SR. I should probably run a series of tests to convince myself it really works for me.
    My K-mount LBA has slowed somewhat. One of my more-liked pickups in the last few months was a Pentax-A 35-70 f/4--I enjoyed using its sweet manual focus & 1:4 mag. at the botanic gardens last weekend--but ominously a 645 45-85 zoom has found its way to my home. Of course I have no body to mount it on yet...
  16. Gang, to be only 15 days away. I know I will do it. I've been eyeing the reviews and Keh website at the Hasselblad 501c/m - it seems like a good camera - good zeiss glass. good quality. medium format. I may not buy it right away - I'm thinking to buy a new entertainment system between this month and next, and that will eat away that tax rebate check and any other cash I've not spent on lenses these last few months.

    Yes, queen of my domain. I lucked out that no-one said to give up ALL shopping. As long as I'm buying something - I can forego looking at cameras and glass... I bought a really nice/heavy tripod 2 weeks ago. And, I've been loving the Mamiya rb67. :) ... Still haven't developed anything. I'm saving up a few rolls to mail them out together. the view through the focus screen is CRAZY cool.
  17. Andrew, you mean it's possible to shoot faster than 1/100? I didn't know the K10D went that high...

    SR gives me at least 2 stops, usually 3. I love it and can't live without it.

    "but ominously a 645 45-85 zoom has found its way to my home. Of course I have no body to mount it on yet..."

    Good work Andrew! You created a solution to a problem you didn't have! LOL!
  18. Rose, so can I expect to buy some highly detailed 36x42" prints of Boston landmarks from you soon?
  19. miserere,

    surely you have taken enough boston pix to last a lifetime. :) These days, most of my photo efforts have been garden related, not buildings.

    The RB is too heavy to take to town (at least not on the train). I'm lugging it around on trips into the suburbs - but, as you know - most things I find interesting outside of the city are flowers and animals. :) -

    perhaps I could tempt you with a human size picture of a cat? :)
  20. "perhaps I could tempt you with a human size picture of a cat? :)"

    Let me get back to you on that...

    I'm still in the challenge, and ready to go another 3 months! Anyone care to join me?

    Nothing like your own personal recession to focus the dollars...

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