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Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by spanky, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Just discovered this which might be of interest to some of you. Guidelines for submitting are as follows:
    email 5 jpegs (950 px wide) to the address listed no later then Sept 15 2011.
    I'm not sure if I'm going to go for this or not, but I thought I'd post this in case Damon, Barry, Ray, and any other local street shooters who visit this forum might want to. I certainly will try to make it to the LA Art Walk to see the exhibit. Good luck if anyone submits.
  2. Here's a curmudgeon-like response for you:

    If someone wants to pay me up front for my time I'll consider going to an "undisclosed location" they've
    taken it upon themselves to choose for me. Otherwise I'll use my precious time to shoot where and when I want. And I don't answer to what somebody
    else thinks is good, particularly if they've probably only been alive as long as I've had my camera on the street. If someone wants to find my work, they know where to find it.

    Sincere thanks for posting though Marc and good luck to those who find this of use.
  3. oops, too late to delete. Pretty hard core answer I guess. Oh well..
  4. I sort of like the idea but 10 days is a hell of a lot of time to shoot where someone else tells you to shoot. What about something that involves ONE day at a place of the photographer's choice, but within a certain geographic area. I like that idea better. Also, if Think Tank were to send me into East LA, and I were to get carjacked, killed, sodomized, are they going to cover the cost of my hospitalization, therapy and loss of gear/vehicle?
  5. Ray makes some valid points. I wish there was more info, but since this will apply only to those photographers selected, I suppose one could submit and then back out if one chooses. In the ten day time frame they give, I would have only three days to shoot, develop and print, probably a day devoted to each. It's not a lot of time, but that's one of the drawbacks to shooting film. I also wonder if the work exhibited will be offered for sale and if so how much split will the photographer get, who will be responsible for mounting framing, etc.
  6. I'm looking for an upside for the photographer. It appears it's only to have your pix up for a few hours
    during an evening "art walk." Eh...

    Similarly, there's a popular LA-based street photography blogger who's holding an sp contest. You submit
    photos, and if you "win," you receive a plastic lens wrist band.
  7. I'm always leery of entering contests, pretty much because I never win. Ever.
    Then there's the daunting task of trying to find five photos I would submit into a competition.
    Not to mention, the rules are "submit your photos and we'll tell you the rest of the rules" with some strange known unknowns, like who is making the prints for the Art Walk.
    But, since there will be 32 chances to "win" I figure I might try this, just to see what the deal is. Like Marc noted, they can't force you to go through with it. And there doesn't seem to be any copyright gotchas in the initial call for photos. If I enter, I'll post info about what's happening, in case anyone's interested.
    ...carjacked, killed, sodomized... hospitalization, therapy and loss of gear/vehicle?​
    J Sevigny, I've seen your stuff and the places you've shot. You can't seriously be worried about roaming around East LA.
  8. I don't think it's a contest; I think that this may be a newly opened gallery and they want to have something to put up on their walls and for sale to be part of the Art Walk. There are so many galleries opening now in that part of downtown these days such as the Phil Stern gallery I visited a few weeks back. I just dropped off five prints to a gallery in Santa Monica. I would have mentioned it here previously, but I forgot about it until a friend reminded me at the last minute. I grabbed five prints that were with arms reach (I have prints scattered all over my crash pad) and headed out the door to hand deliver them to beat the deadline. Anyway, it's exactly the kind of exhibit I cannot say "no" to: No charge to me, no framing or mounting, all prints are priced at $50 (gallery takes $25) and what appears to be a fun reception this coming Sat. Who knows, maybe I'll even make a few bucks in the process.
  9. I'm applying. It sounds fun and its not that you have to shoot for 10 days, rather you have 10 days to shoot. You can shoot for 10 minutes if you get what you need. But if you think its a rip-off or you are going to be exploited, don't apply. They are going to frame and matte the prints. ;sounds cool to me.
  10. Fabulous work in your folders and on your blog, J Sevigny. Wasn't aware of it before..
  11. Barry, do you know if each photographer is going to be assigned to the same location or will they be spread out to different areas? Good luck with your submission.
  12. don't know Marc. You too.
  13. Thanks to all of you. No, I'm not really worried about roaming around East LA, even though I never have. I probably shouldn't have framed the question in the first person. My thoughts were just that a photographer could be sent into a dangerous environment and given that it's undisclosed, not know it until the last minute. I do want to add that I'm not one of those adrenaline jocks who goes out looking to shoot in dangerous places. I go where I find interesting people. And I'm kinda from the wrong side of the tracks anyway so for whatever the reason, the margins attract my attention. FYI here's some recent work from the states. Best to all of you and thanks for your kind words. js
  14. If you think the location is dangerous, you don't have to go. I think its kind of a red herring.
    BTW, J.S. your photos are great. The bar's in Mexico and the woman is really good. I think i'd be more afraid doing that then anywhere in LA.

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