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  1. What do you call a pre Konica II? Anyway, I saw a nice one yesterday and it was MIOJ. Didn't ask the price but I probably should have. But, I was trying to be good and I do have a Konica II:)
  2. Probably a Konica "I", possibly made from 1948 in occupied Japan. See:
    Though some sources suggest there was one other model, generally referred to as the "Konica", which may have overlapped this model, being produced from 1946-52. See:
  3. The early Konicas are nice little rangefinders if you don't mind being restricted to a single lens. I have a Konica III of which I am quite fond.
    The history of the Konica I (properly called just Konica, but conventionally called Konica I nowadays to distinguish it from its successors) is made reasonably clear by the Camerapedia article on the series:
    The pictures labeled "Konica" and "Konica I" at the konica-collector page that Rick referenced look to me like just different revisions of the same model. Aside from the shutter/lens assembly and the non-original red leather, they look pretty much identical.
  4. What restraint. I can't walk by an old rangefinder without feeling all gooey inside.<g>
  5. Based on the Camerapedia writeup I would say that it was a Konica I Type B or C but I don't recall whether it was a 2.8 or 3.5. And, yeah, I know that gooey feeling. There was also an early Japanese 6x6 folder....
  6. Here's my Konica I page:



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