Kolari Vision is repairing corroded M9 sensors for $1,000

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  1. We’re happy to announce that we can now repair the Leica M9 sensor and replace it with corrosion resistant glass for $999. We’ve removed Leica coverglass before, but haven’t looked into this repair earlier since there was a warranty option through Leica. We found out about this recent news after a few customers emailed us asking about the repair. So we picked up an M9 with a corroded sensor, and gave it a shot. We were able to delaminate the corroded filter from the sensor, and replace it with BG60 glass. This glass will last indefinitely without oxidizing per Schott test reports, and also allows us to reduce the Leica sensor stack by 0.2mm, further improving on it’s excellent corner sharpness. We can also replace the glass with our full spectrum glass making it IR and UV compatible.​

    Leica M9 Sensor Corrosion Repair - Kolari Vision

    Well. It seems like this camera has more life in it than I thought. The only thing I really don't like about it is the obnoxious shutter sound. Otherwise I could put up with the rest of its flaws.
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  2. That must be great news for many.
  3. LDP LLC - MAXMAX.COM has an interesting article on the Leica M9 sensor; they also offer a (actually several) replacement options: Leica M9
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  4. Very nice, Leica owners really owe some thanks to a company that can do what Leica can't. Of course Leica could probably have contracted with the company to do this so that M9 owners weren't just out of luck. The fact that they didn't even try isn't encouraging. Glad there is a way to fix them (or turn them into monochroms). Thanks for the post. The description of the corrosion was helpful too.
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  5. There are now three companies either offering or planning to offer a repair service.

    With Kolari- using a 0.6mm stack means having to reposition the sensor. The position has to be perfect for the special "Offset Microlens array". Moving the sensor closer to the rear of the lens would change the geometry. The Offset Microlens array- the lenses just do not point straight up like they do on most sensors. Lenses are offset to point towards the center, to help with the short flange distance of the M Mount.

    MaxMax plans on offering a Glass filter that is very stable, but has the spectral transmission properties of the filter used for the M8. This is the company that announced Leica and Kodak made stupid mistakes using the cover glass that they chose for the M9- as seen on PetaPixel.

    Third company has been discussing their progress. I mentioned that Leica and ONSEMI used BG-55 glass, 0.8mm thickness as it has very little IR leakage, is "Class 2" for stability, and has the same refractive index as the S8612 that it is replacing.
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