Kohler-Andrea State Park

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by johntoennessen, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Would that it were all so simple.
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  2. It is......
  3. Simple.

    We make life complicated.

    But the simple things seem to make make us happy.
  4. A pretty lady. ............jpg
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  5. look up doggerel
  6. There's a special kind of poetry for parks
    here at Mound City National Cemetery
  7. It can be that simple, if only for an afternoon. Deeper, lasting calm takes a lot more work. It remains a worthwhile endeavor tho.
  8. OK now that's taking the OP's concept to places I wouldn't have gone on my own! However much time I've spent in cemeteries, I still much prefer the living planet.
  9. Speaking of headstones and doggerel.:

    Here sleeps in peace a Hampshire Grenadier,
    Who caught his death by drinking cold small Beer,
    Soldiers be wise from his untimely fall
    And when ye're hot drink Strong or none at all.
    An Honest Soldier never is forgot
    Whether he die by Musket or by Pot.
  10. This is a frame from an iPhone video of our rescue dog, Vinny's first time playing along the shore of an inland sea (Lake Michigan, at Kohler Andrae State Park). He came to us from Tennessee.

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