Kodak XTOL Storage

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  1. Kodak XTOL Storage

    I'm about to get my hands on some XTOL, never used it before. So I was wondering if I can store them in normal plastic 1L bottles with the bottle squeezed when the diluted solution is not all the way to the top? Thanks
  2. Oh, can I cover the plastic bottles with black duct tape?
  3. Xtol will last 4 to 6 months in any air tight container you choose to store it in. Xtol turns pale yellow as it dies. I used it 1:1. I mixed it to a 1 gallon final solution for easier storage and used the proper ratio of concentrated stock to package stock without any adverse effects.
    I switched to HC110 for economy as the Xtol was dying long before I used it.
  4. Long ago I found Xtol to be great stuff, but every now and then it would go dead suddenly and with no color change or other indication. Maybe that's better understood now. Mine also went dead faster than I could use it. In general, I won't use any commercially made developer, only published formulas (or my own) that I can make from raw chemicals. Not because they have any magic, but because I know what I mix up today will be identical in every way to what I mixed up 20 years ago. With a good scale I can also mix up practical amounts to match how much I shoot.
  5. Xtol has never gone bad for me. I've used it for years. I store it in full 16 ounce bottles with flip-top airtight stoppers (like old Groelsch beer bottles, or 16 ounce bottles for people who brew beer), and use it straight, no dilution.
  6. I prepare the concentrated stock with demineralized water, car battery-grade*. The dissolution of powders is much faster**. Never had any coloration at ~6 months, no apparent loss of chemical properties. I use tap water for the final diluted mix. No squeezable bottles,
    * about 3E/5 liters in France
    ** make it even faster with a "lab stirrer": Stir Plates, Magnetic Stirrers, Magnetic Stir Plates: Amazon.com
  7. "Oh, can I cover the plastic bottles with black duct tape?"

    - You can, but it's not a good idea.
    Duct tape isn't airtight by any means. Use proper screw-stoppered bottles. They can often be got from a pharmacy if you explain you want them for storing photo chemicals.

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