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  1. I am seriously considering taking my Kodak Stereo Camera off of my collection shelf and using it on my up and coming vacation trip to the Palo Duro Canyon area. I am thinking, maybe one roll just to see what 3D images are like. I don't have a viewer, but I reckon they can be readily had. I found a place online, Berezin Stereo Photography Products, that sells holders and will even mount the images for you. Has anyone here used this old camera? What should I look for when using it? Any experience shared would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I've gone the Stereo Realist path, and my favorite stereo camera is my Stereo Belplasca from the Workers' and Peasants' State. Those posts have some links to other stereo materials.

    As for general principles, one of the first is that you need to be careful to hold the camera level, a twist can make stereo viewing 'difficult'
    Look on line for details of how to mount the stereo pairs. Look on line for sites specializing in the topic. There used to be some swell sites explaining and selling supplies. Not so much these days.
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  3. I've started my research, you're right the supplies or getting harder to find. The Kodak has a spirit level in the viewfinder. My first thought was that it was just a gimmick, now I know why it is there. Thanks for the insight.
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  5. WOW! Thanks!
  6. Here is the correct link for the Stereo Belplasca (LINK)

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