Kenko Pinhole lens 02 on Nikon M2 mount?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by railphotog, May 7, 2015.

  1. I see a Kenko Pinhole lens 02 on Nikon M2 mount listed on a local online selling forum. I did a Google search on the Kenko, could not find much - looking for info on what type of photo it might produce, soft and grainy as in some sample photos or sharper?
    Not sure of the Nikon M2 mount, this appears to be an extension tube, and assume its to make the pinhole image larger on the film. The gear is being sold with a Nikon F50, which I don't have a use for.

    Will the Nikon M2 mount work on my Nikon D80?
    Just thinking of using the Kenko and maybe the mount to take close up photos of my model railroad gear.
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    The Nikon M2 "mount" is likely an error. The M2 is an extension tube for the F mount, which the D80 uses.
    Not sure you need to pay (a lot) for something like that. Can you drill a hole on a body cap?
  3. If you'd like to experiment with pinholes on your Nikon, the cheapest way is to modify an ordinary body cap. Drill a hole, about the diameter of a pencil lead or slightly larger. This isn't the pinhole, just the opening for the pinhole. You'll tape or glue the pinhole inside the body cap.
    Then make your own pinhole from any available material. I've used aluminum from cans, even black film strips from the leaders of color slide film. Carefully punch a hole with a needle. There are lots of instructions online, including tips for getting cleaner holes and sharper results.
    Mounting the pinhole on an M2 tube might be interesting. I have one. I'll try it sometime.
    Nikon D2H with homemade body cap pinhole, using needle hole punched through a bit of film leader. Very soft because the edges weren't clean and even. It's easier to get sharper results with aluminum.
  4. For a few bucks you can find nicely made Nikon pinhole lens caps on eBay. The pinholes are cleanly made with a laser (i.e. better than I can make them). I used a similar one on my D200 for the portrait below. I played around with a couple of different home made ones but the one I bought gave sharper results.
  5. Thanks for the replies, but still not what I'm looking for. The ad shows a side view of the mount, clearly marked "M2 Nikon Japan", so is probably an extension tube. As I suggested, to move the Kenko pinhole further from the film plane.
    I've done pinhole photography in the past, including using a body cap with an etched pinhole in stainless steel, and having a "co lens" mounted in front, which sharpened the image greatly; I sold that off some time ago. I mostly want to know about the quality of the Kenko pinhole attachment and if the M2 will work on my D80.
    The seller only wants $40 for the F50, extension tube and the Kenko. But if the Kenko will only produce fuzzy photos, I am not interested.
  6. I can't find my Nikon body cap pinhole at the moment, but added to the M2 extension tube it will produce a telephoto effect. Some exposure compensation may be necessary, depending on your camera's metering. No idea how it might affect sharpness. I'll have to find my pinhole body cap and maybe try a different pinhole aperture.
    Also, I just tried a regular Nikon body cap on my M2 tube and it fit rather loosely. It may be necessary to secure it with a bit of tape to avoid losing it.
    If I'm recalling correctly, Vivitar and a few other manufacturers made non-optical extension tubes that should be cheaper than the Nikon M2. It'd be a cheap way to experiment.
    Another option, if you have a junk bin of camera doodads (don't we all?) - make a pinhole bag bellows. If you have a Nikon F mount T-mount, use it and a small black plastic bag (darkroom printing paper includes these). Cut holes for the body cap and T-mount, rig them together and you can adjust focus/focal length. But with a handheld bag bellows you'll need bright light and/or a high ISO.
  7. Sorry, Bob. Yes, putting the pinhole lens, or any lens, on an extension tube will increase image magnification and yes the tube should mount OK on your D80.
  8. The last time I made a pinhole, I used thin aluminum such as you find on a soda or tonic(Bostonese) can. A piece that fits comfortably within a body cap works. First drill a pencil sized hole in the body cap as mentioned previously. With the round piece of aluminum, place it on a hard wood block. Strike the center with vigor with the ball of a ball peen hammer This thins the metal even more. With a number 10 clean sewing needle merely pierce the dent, do not run the needle through the hole. Remove the rough edges of the pin hole under running water with a fine grained wet stone (or oo sandpaper wrapped around a pencil } Just graze the ragged edge, work carefully. Check with a flashlight(torch) through the pinhole projecting the pin hole toward a light colored wall in a darkened room to check for roundness and no jagged edge. Use lamp black to cut down glare on the aluminum disk and then affix it to the body cap. Essentially this DIY pinhole should serve the purpose for little cost!

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