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  1. Hi, I bought a EOS 3 body, great body - shutter is real noisy, a clack sound to it. Is there a film body that is realtively quiet, like my contax aria, need to shoot church events with something less noisy, thanks.
  2. My elan 7e is the quietest SLR I've ever used, wish the 40d was as quiet.
  3. The 1991 Elan, 1992 EOS 5 (A2/A25), Elan 7E & Elan 7NE are as pianissimo as it gets. The Elan 7NE can still be found new here and there and was Canon's last film camera design (2004).
  4. The EOS 3 is a really noisy bugger. The quietest 35mm Canon SLR I have ever heard was a Canon EOS 30v... it was incredible and it was also an exceptionally good camera. I would much rather own the 30v than the 3. I used to have the 3 and although it was good, it did have some annoying features. I believe the old EOS 5 was also very hush hush.
  5. Can't go along with the A2E being super quiet. Mine sounds like banging metal garbage can lids together compared to the shutter on my 10D. Admitedly, the A2E has a much bigger mirror flopping around in there. I've never tried the EOS 3, however. It must wake the dead.
  6. ...what Puppy Face said.
  7. My 7N is very quiet (for an SLR). Much quieter than the 3, but the 3 is a great camera. Maybe you need a noisier church.
  8. Also look at a 1N RS. It has a pelical mirror so it doesn't have the familar slap sound as the rest of the cameras out there. I had one for a while its a nice unit.
  9. Thanks to all. Film at 11, so to speak.
  10. Jamie Robertson is right. I have Canon EOS 30V and it is extremly quiet and so smooth.
  11. Like Puppy said. My Elan 7 was really quiet compared to my 5d.
  12. As doug said the 1NRS is not bad - the shutter is still noisy though so the Elan 7 may be better - since I have never owned one it is hard to say. The 1NRS is a great camera for lots of other reasons although it is very big and heavy and the Nicad can be hard to find in good condition. It works foine on AA cells though. On the subject of loud shutters and mirrors try the Fuji GX680 - it makes the mamiya 645 Pro sound very quiet in comparisson
  13. I think any of the Elans will do what you seek. My Elan 7 is very quiet indeed. I actually like using that camera more then my EOS 1N.
  14. In the early 1990s, Canon had a RT model EOS film camera. No mirror noise as camera had a pellicle (sp.) see-thru mirror. I doubt any camera (made by Canon) has been quieter.
  15. The EOS 100 was designed to be quite. Canon marketed that camera as having a whisper drive. I liked that camera alot. I still have it but the AF will not function anymore due to a broken spring that holds the little AF mirror in place.
  16. I used to use a EOS 5 QD (A2E). It is a very quiet operated camera even compare to my 50D.
  17. I had an EOS 50E. It had a quiet mode.
  18. Of the EOS film bodies I've owned, both the EOS 5 (A2E) and the Elan 7N are very quiet. In addition to shutter noise, the film rewind on a lot of cameras can be extremely loud. Both the EOS 5 and Elan 7N--and no doubt some of the other cameras mentioned--have a slow rewind option which is much quieter than regular rewind.
  19. I have an original Elan that is staggeringly quiet. I'd still use it if it hadn't succumbed to the dreaded "melting foam" goop; shutter won't even fire now. A pity, as it's a great camera to hold and use. If you can find one with a shutter that's not gunked-up, then that would be the way to go...
  20. For weddings I use my Canon 7NE and Canon 5D Mark II which has two levels of shutter noise reduction.
  21. I believe the Elan series was always advertised as the quietest EOS camera that Canon made, and from experience it is. The Elan 7n is really a very nice camera with a lot of capability built into it.
  22. I still have the EOS 30 eye focus which is very quiet. (Same as Elan 7 in the USA)
  23. Yet another vote for the Elan 7.
  24. Definitely Elan 7, I used one unblimped in a courtroom while the Nikon shooter had to special order a blimp and it was still louder than my Canon.
  25. 7n and 7ne (they are the newer upgraded version of the 7 and 7e).
  26. The Elan. Definitley the Elan.
    Thing with the 1nRS is that it is still an EOS 1n body, thus it still has the EOS 1n shuter, which is not terribly quiet - although not as loud as say, my EOS 650. To get an idea, if you have an EOS 1n with PB-E1, lock up the mirror and shoot at a high framerate, and thats what the 1nRS sounds like. It's definitley not incognito. Also, to that end, i would nOT rccomend shooting with a 1nRS in a church simply because you lose 1/3 stop with the pellicle mirror. The same applies with the EOS RT, and to that end, since the RT is based off an EOS 650/620, I'm betting the shutter isn't all that quiet either.
  27. The 7n/ne also have improved focus and TTLII over the 7/7e.
  28. Indeed, Elan 7, 7e, 7n or 7ne, known as (respectively) the EOS 33, 30 33v and 30v in Europe, are extremely quiet (there's even a custom setting controlling the speed/noise of the rewind).

    It's also an extremely nice camera to work with.
  29. The EOS IX is even quieter than the EOS 30V (Elan 7NE).
    The mirror and shutter are small because it uses APS film.
    It was a very nice design, with stainless steel clad body that was a commercial disaster because it used APS. It was similar in specification to the EOS 50 and can use all the EF lenses.
    It can be bought for next to nothing secondhand.
  30. The 1V is definitely quieter than the EOS 3. The shutter doesn't have the same sound when taking pictures.
  31. It should also be noted that the EOS IX (not the "lite" version) is one of the coolest-looking cameras ever made. Totally cyberiffic.
  32. I love the way my EOS 3 sounds! But it isn't quite
  33. Sorry if I'm a bit off topic here, but if you want a quiet body, you shouldn't be using any SLR, rangefinders are far quieter. My Olympus 35RC is almost silent.
  34. I have the Eos 5 and was able to take picture in churches and theatre without people turning around to me with angry faces. It is indeed a quiet body.
  35. I have the EOS 3 and 30V (Elan 7NE). The 3 is a good camera but would wake the dead as it fires. The 30V is quiet by comparison. My two rangefinders are almost silent, just a faint click.
    Cheers, Bob
  36. Call me crazy, but to my ears, the EOS-1VHS is amazingly quiet! The 1V has a much different sound with the power booster attached.
  37. The EOS Elan or 100 (name depends on what geopolitical boundaries you reside in) is the quietest. It has a belt drive that was designed to make it very quiet.
  38. My vote goes to the Elan IIe that I used to own. It was much quieter than either the 3 or 1v.

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