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  1. <p>I have a rather embarrassing issue, somehow or other I managed to get a filter stuck on my Autocord. No matter what I do I can't get the thing off. I can twist the filter, but I just can't seem to pop it off. This is a bayonet filter that I've used multiple times on my TLRs including this Autocord without issue, I'm not sure what I did this time. I'm kind of desperate for any suggestion anyone might have. Thanks.</p>
  2. <p>I have this meter and I don't see how you are getting this behavior. There is no need to take the reading first before adjusting the correction ring. If I'm using the same filter all day I'll preset the correction dial and it will give me the correct readings. Is it possible that some of the internal rings rings are sticking together so that when you move one another moves as well leading to erroneous results ? I've seen that happen before in some of my older meters. </p>
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