Is the Rebel T1i an upgrade or downgrade (from 20D)?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by hana_mohalo, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hi! I have a broken 20D and the repair is going to cost 378$. And I'm in so much finance troubles that I won't buy the new 50D body yet, but I do need a camera and was thinking of buying the EOS rebel T1 body. Would this be a set back from the 20D though? What will the main differences be? I'm amateur-professional range photographer, meaning sometimes I'm paid for portraits and I've done work for a magazine, but (obviously) I'm not incredibly tech savvy. My shooting style is almost always fashion and sometimes I do landscapes/street, I love to make use of wide angle. Will the latest Rebel give me everything a canon 20D gave me, or am I better off just spending the money to repair what I've got?
  2. It's a much better imaging computer than the 20D. Far more modern and a better sensor yes. It's a lot smaller and lacks the QCD of the XXD cameras. That being said, I've never used this newest dReb.
  3. What ever you do I would not spend $378 to repair a 20D. You can pick up a used 30D for about the same price or get a used 40D for around $650.
    The New Rebel does look pretty impressive and so far I have heard its very good. For me I would weigh what is most important the stronger body and faster frame rate of the XXD or the video and smaller size of the rebel. Obviously there are many more factors that come into play but that is what made me stick with my 40D. Both are very capable of taking better photos then your 20D.
  4. I've never had a 20D but recently acquired the t1i. Is it an upgrade from the 20D? Does the 20D have the t1i's features? 15mp, self cleaning sensor, hd video, huge lcd monitor that's easy to read. I think the newer technology makes it an upgrade in many respects.
  5. It's a big upgrade.

    And that's coming from a 20D I used constantly for 4 years shooting on the street and then last year choosing the XSi (over the 40D). The XSi is now being replaced by the T1i, which has an even better LCD display and a little better resolution.

    The much larger LCD that both the T1i and XSi have over the 20D is just as important for usability as is the bump up in
    image quality from the newer cams. The larger LCD is great for being able to see the camera's shooting
    parameters clearly. Tons better than the top LCD on my 20D cam. And of course the bigger LCD is better for reviewing images as well.
  6. Thank you for your answers Ken, Tommy, and Len! I have a few other questions now:
    40D doesn't work with EF-S lenses right?
    I'm liking the rebel ~ very interesting that is has video capabilities that is a fun feature, but more something I would want from a pocket sized point and shoot. Does the video have sound too? I love the large screen view and that it will be lighter than my 20d.
    About the image crop: is there going to be a noticeable difference? And does the rebel have raw shooting mode?
  7. Thanks Brad! Your screen comparison was really helpful to me. LCD size is so nice and bright. I'm going to see this in person too The picture they have of it on the canon site is great! Do you notice any difference of the image cropping? 20D works really well for wide screen ~ the rebel does too?
  8. No, the 40D DOES WORK with EF-S lenses. As does the 50D and all of the current and recent xxD bodies.
    The "Rebel/xxxD" series and the xxD series (with, I think, the exception of the now-ancient 10D) are the only cameras that take the EF-S series and they are all roughly 15x22+mm sensors (=APS-C).
    The 24x36mm (=35mm film size) xD cameras, however such as the 5D and up, will only take EF lenses.
    If you could stretch to a used 40D, that model represents a real upgrade to the 20D and shares the control system that you are already accustomed to. The 30D has improvements, but I'm not sure I'd pay a lot more for one than for a used 20D.
    If money is tight, and when isn't it?, you could do a lot worse than either a used 20D or 30D. After all, your broken 20D was a used camera (by you) too, wasn't it? Most of them on the market are probably because of wanting more pixels etc, rather than something wrong with the camera.
  9. And yes -- a HUGE thumbs-up on a 40D should you decide to go that route.
  10. Yes you can use EF-S lenses on the 30/40/50D or any rebel body. I too would suggest either a 40D or a T1i. Both are significant upgrades from the 20D.
  11. Yes the video does have sound. Yeah, it's a fun feature and better quality than the video in any p&s I've had.. The only thing I don't like about it is it makes a Quicktime video which means I can't edit it in Windows Movie Maker. You will have to buy Quicktime Pro ($30 U.S) if you want to edit the vids.
  12. >>> Do you notice any difference of the image cropping? 20D works really well for wide screen ~ the rebel does too?
    The image aspect ratio (4x6) is the same. But, the newer cameras with more pixels give you a lot of flexibility in image cropping (over the 20D) and still having enough pixels to make nice prints.
    The main reason I went with the XSi over the 40D (which was my first choice) was I liked the smaller and lighter body weight. Shooting one-handed for many hours with the strap wrapped around my wrist on the street, it makes a big difference - especially adjusting the cam's settings. So for my use, the ergonomics were superior.
    Today I'd pick the T1i for the same reason. But you should really find a camera store and try both over the counter to see what works best for you. Either one will produce excellent images - Here's how I use mine.
  13. Thanks all again ~ The final decision will be after in store visit, but all the points given I think I will really enjoy the features of the rebel. I love the picture you've taken with yours Brad! You have a fan now! Plus your points on cropping and the weight difference making it better in the street are really important. Thanks! Wish me luck...
  14. Thanks all again ~ The final decision will be after in store visit, but all the points given I think I will really enjoy the features of the rebel. I love the picture you've taken with yours Brad! You have a fan now! Plus your points on cropping and the weight difference making it better in the street are really important. Thanks! Wish me luck...
  15. I would think that either the Rebel XSi or Ti would be an upgrade over the 20D. Perhaps, the Rebel Xti as well. I would never pay to fix a D-SLR that is as many generations back as the 20D. YMMV.
  16. I have not tried a T1i, but I shoot with a 50D now and used to use an XTi. The xxD and Rebel cameras feel entirely different. As Brad mentioned, the Rebels are smaller and much lighter. The light weight is nice, and some people find the small size more comfortable. I find ergonomics and controls of the xxD superior for my use, but I would not mind shedding the weight. You know what the xxD feels like, so go try out a T1i and see how it feels.
  17. Thanks I went to the store today and find like Dan said that the controls are so different! I do like the weight of the t1i and I'm seriously considering it as a best option for taking with me everywhere and doing street shooting ~ but I am wondering if I'll ever get used to the buttons! Very tricky... I think this is why I found the rebels so questionable they feel cheap and sort of oddly designed. But it's a take with you everywhere sort of camera! The LCD was amazing ~ wow! The functions happen right on the screen which is not great it will take time away from the photography if I have to stop what I'm doing to change the aperture/ shutter speed? I hope I am wrong! Well I'm getting a new camera! Something to take pictures with would be great lol.
  18. "The functions happen right on the screen which is not great it will take time away from the photography if I have to stop what I'm doing to change the aperture/ shutter speed? I hope I am wrong!"
    You are wrong! :) I'm certain it's exactly the same in that regard as the previous models - in Tv mode spin the control wheel for shutter speed, in Av mode I think you probably hold down a button and spin the dial. It might have a pretty LCD with stuff on it but I'd be extremely surprised if it actually worked any different to the older models
  19. jbm


    Hey, thought I would add two cents after reading the above. Caveat: I am a Nikonian but did use the Canon Rebel XT for a while prior to the change. I have also shot a 40D a fair bit. The one thing I noticed between my older rebel and the 40D was the difference in viewfinder. The VF on the 40D was pretty good, by comparison my rebel was tiny.
    Amazon has the 40D with 28-135 lens for 1049 usd right now.
  20. I used a Rebel XT for a while, and then an XS.
    I wanted something with a faster FPS for shooting some wildlife, as well as capturing some street shots.
    I chose to go with the 40D (and I love it btw). The controls are easier to get used to than the rebel line, the larger viewfinder from the XS is welcomed.
    Now having said that, I do know that with the 40D I did give up some pixels, but all things considered, and for the types of photography I do... I will have the 40D for a very long time. I also should mention that when I want to do video, I have a video cam for that, and prefer to keep video and photography separate.
    The price point on the 40D is really good now with the introduction of the newest Canon offerings.
    Don't know if this helps your choice any, but is an experience from my upgrade path.
  21. Opps, I should have said the larger viewfinder from the XT...not the XS (mea culpa).
  22. One large change that occurred in the rebel lineup starting with the XSi has been the size of the viewfinder. It's really decent now
    and bright.

    When comparing with the 40D across the counter, if I switched cams back and forth quickly, i could see a very small difference
    favoring the 40D. If I just picked up the cams, separated in time, then I could not tell any difference. Even though logic says that I

    Also, if I was going to shoot sports extensively, then that would be a good reason to go with the 40/50D as it offers a faster frames
    per second rate with better AF.

    For street shooting, it makes no difference. I would much have better ergonomics as image quality is essentially the same.

    And thanks, Hana!
  23. Well obviously I'm liking the rebels for the obvious reason: Lighter and smaller. I think, if I have this lighter camera, I will probably be more inclined to take it with me everywhere and get more into street photography with a lighter camera. I hated carrying the 20D with me for the weight and extra bags. I'm worried that it will be very awkward using a heavy lens like the 17 -85 ef-s. And I think ~ will a lighter camera really make me shoot more spontaneously than previously? As mostly a fashion photographer ~ I'm trying to get my priorities in order. I think mostly I'm looking for top quality ergonomics, optical viewfinder and sensible control design that the XXD line offers. I'm considering that over the light weight of rebel, which is pretty much all I like about it. Hmm I have chosen a camera! I'm excited and terrified at the same time!
  24. The T1i is definitely an upgrade. You have more MGpixels which would allow you to crop more while maintaining resolution. In addition, you're getting a better processor and bigger/brighter LCD. I actually returned the 50D to get the T1i to save some money. The 50D is really nice in terms of camera operations (top lcd and dial) which allows you to adjust settings much quicker. I got the Opteka battery grip for the T1i and now it feels like a 50D in terms of size and will provide much longer battery life. There are other subtle advantages of the 50D, but they were not worth a few hundred. I can live with the less increments of the ISO settings (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200) and without the Microadjustments. I dont shoot anything really fast so the FPS is not really important to me either. When it comes down to it, I think you should look at the specs of each of the camera you want (be it 40D or t1i, or 50D) and then decide which is more important to you. Put a collumn of pros and cons of each and see which one would fit you best. Happy shopping for your next camera!
  25. It's both. The 20D chassis is more solidly built than the Xti, and the Rebel series camera bodies feel more like plastic toys compared to the 20D/30D/40D/50D line. That said, the Xt has a much better sensor, and the larger LCD is sweet, and the you may find the lighter body to be an asset rather than a liability. I find the electronic interface of the Xti to be less user-friendly, though experience will help you to overcome that.
  26. What do people mean by a "much better sensor?" At DXoMark I don't see a major difference other than resolution (which I don't particularly care about). I do all my processing on a computer from Raw files, so I don 't really care if in-camera jpeg has improved either.
    A LCD screen that was visible in bright daylight would be nice.
  27. hi Hana - I'm curious if you've made your purchase yet? I just upgraded from the 350D Rebel to the T1i and I love it. I bought the 350D used 4 years ago and it's been a great camera but I needed to upgrade - I was frustrated with the 1" LCD screen, especially since I need reading glasses now! The T1i's screen is amazing, you can see it in daylight and I can shoot without my glasses because it's so large and bright - I did make one video and it turned out pretty well. That was not a major factor for me though, as I have the S5IS that takes video. I debated getting a 40D or 50D but decided to stick with the smaller body for its weight. It does take RAW files and also has a RAW + jpg mode. One thing I am frustrated with is that neither Adobe Elements nor iPhoto recognize the RAW files so I had to get the Adobe dng converter until they come out with a plug in for Elements. There is a Camera RAW plug in already available for CS3 and CS4 though. Not sure if or when iPhoto will have an upgrade to recognize the new RAW files. I hope they do.

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