Is the Elan 7n the same as the 7ne?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by chrsgrhm, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I can't find this info anywhere, but I know that the manuals for the cameras say "7n/7ne" on them, which leads me to believe they are the same exact thing, but with different names. Can anybody clarify this for me?
  2. Same, except for the E model has eye control focus point selection.
  3. I just learned what Eye Control Focusing is. It's literally where the camera senses your eyeball and focuses on where it is looking through the viewfinder? That's insane! I wonder, is it only limited to the 7 AF points (like, you have to look at one of those), or can you look anywhere, even where there is no AF point, and the camera will focus there?
  4. I had the 7NE. You have to look at one of the AF points and then half press the shutter to focus. It's pretty neat.
  5. Hi, Andy. And without ECF, is it easy to change AF points?
  6. Yes and no, depending on your level of patience. There is a four-way switch on the back that handles changing AF points, and it's pretty simple to master, but unless I have ECF engaged I typically only use the center AF point.
  7. The 2004 Elan 7NE had the last and best version of ECF. It was a 100% hit rate for me. I recall my EOS 10D and 20D felt like dinosaurs in comparison every time I tried to select an AF point. To make the ECF reliable, you will need to teach it your eye movements by calibrating it a dozen or so times in different positions and light.
  8. I wear glasses, though, untinted but still thick. Is that going to be a problem?
  9. I also wear glasses, and have no trouble using ECF with my EOS-3. My eyeglass lenses are relatively thin, though.
  10. I found ECF's success rate on my Elan 7E (not 7NE) was very high without glasses; with glasses, it was still good, but not as good as without. But as I prefer to shoot without glasses, I did more calibration* without glasses than with, and as Puppy noted, calibration is key to ECF's success rate, so it's entirely possible that it might have gotten better had I calibrated it more. I really wish Canon had continued with this technology; again, I'm with Puppy on how useful it was.
    *: Just to be clear, the camera can store multiple sets of calibration information, and anything that looks like a different eye needs its own separate calibration. I shoot right-eyed, and I was the only user of the camera, but I needed to set up two sets of calibration information, one for my eye on its own and the other for my eye with glasses. The same applies if you sometimes use the other eye or if you share the camera with someone.
  11. I am left-eyed, and wear bifocals. I have never had a problem with ECF. Just to be sure, I calibrate mine several times, just as Puppy Face says. Though it rather surprised me the last 7NE I acquired I did the calibration dance only once and it still works perfectly.
    I've gotta say here though that even without ECF the 7N is a fabulous camera. I frequently use mine in preference to my 1V or 3, just because it's so light and quiet. So don't discount the 7N as 'not worthy'. It is, very much so.
  12. EOS 30 as it is named in Europe is a fine camera. I still miss ECF (Canon: do you read this!). I liked ECF on a EOS 5 and 30 and I still miss it on Canon DSLRs but I must admit that it worked for me.
  13. ECF on my 7E worked every time with only a couple of calibrations. Loved the feature and really miss it. I'm with you Jos-
    -I hope Canon reads this!
  14. I had an A2e and an Elan IIe, one or both also had a trapezoid on the upper left (or right?) in the viewfinder that would stop the lens down when you looked at it. I think later models may not have had this feature. I didn't wear glasses when I had the cameras, and was quite amazed that the ECF would work even when I wore sunglasses. I too missed this feature when I switched to DSLRs.
  15. Eye control on the Elan IIe worked very well for my wife and I; she has very strong prescription glasses and I have none. When we got an EOS3 she could never get that ECF to work for her with glasses.
  16. The key to Eye Control is that you have to have your eye in the exact same position each time for it to work correctly. For me my 7e was not perfect because my eye position would vary each time so it didn't always work. But like the others here I also miss it and wish Canon (or someone else, if the patents have expired) would bring it back.

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