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  1. I've read many of the negative remarks regarding's online photo competition. It seems to be filled with a lot of "half truths".
    Well, I just received an email saying I have been nominated for the $10,000.00 grand prize for my photo. I have also been invited to attend the Int'l Society of Photographers Convention & Symposium in Las Vegas
    I took the liberty of calling the hotel and confirmed that there this very convention being held there on the dates stated on the web-site. Additionally, the "keynote" photographers are real, top-notch photographers.
    There is a lot of uncertainty circling's competition. I believe I will call one of the photographer's to see if they have been slated or are attending the ISP's Convention
  2. oh, the link is
  3. as Spongebob Squarepants says " Well, good luck with that!"
  4. My McAfee SiteAdvisor software won't let me open this site as it is rated Red.
  5. Well, given that it's $595 to register for the Convention, plus another $500 for accomodation in the hotel, I'm sure they'll be inviting as many photographers as possible.

    They're including a tribute to Elvis as part of the entertainment though, so that must count for something...

    I'd ask them just how many images have been nominated for the $10,000 prize. If it's 5, it might be worth attending, if it's 5000 then I wouldn't bother unless you really like Las Vegas and you find the potential speaker list to be fascinating.
  6. They are feeding on people?s desire for recognition in my opinion. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.
  7. Amen Chuck, the world has too many scams and unfortunately too many people willing to fall for them which perpetuates the cycle...
  8. I'll be calling the lecturing photographers to verify their attendance. Additionally, I will be calling the ISP itself and find out how many photos have been nominated for the $10K and if my attendance is necessary for getting my prize (should I win)
    There is a possibility that ISP could "suddenly" cancel their convention reservations with Riviera, but not before losing a hefty deposit. However, they could just rack up reservation dollars and run with it.
    I'm curious, but not curious enough to hop on a plane to Vegas.
  9. Don't forget that everyone who attends will get an exquisite personalized Outstanding Achievement in Amateur Photography Crystal Award Trophy as well as a Commemorative Award Medallion

    Who wouldn't want those.
  10. Lecturing photographers love to get paid just like Rudy Giuliani, he'll lecture anywhere where there's money. He loves saying 9-11. These "big-time" photographers don't add credibility, they'll take International Society of Photographers money which BTW is your money that you paid to go.
  11. Daniel, this is for suckers only! They will have the convention, they will have their guest speakers and they will a few hundred guys like you who have ponied up $595.00 to see if they won one of the cash prizes. If you want an excuse to go to Vegas and hang around with some other photographers, do it, but don't plan on winning any cash prize because you won't.
  12. Check this out. I believe these guys are clones of the "International Library of Poetry/Photography" scams that have been around for years. Don't go there - literally!
  13. Donate the $595+$500 to a good cause if you're that flush.That way you look smart and generous. Otherwise, just burn the money and get a shot of the stupid and self-absorbed look on your face. But by all means go to Vegas!
  14. Wow, this is a coincidence - several days ago I spoke to a group of photography students at the local Community College here in Plano and 4 (from a class of 27) had pictures that had been nominated for the grand prize also.

    Legitimate organizations don't require you to register for their convention before they "qualify" you to win the grand prize - you know, it's the standard disclaimer about "No purchase necessary to win."

    Bob Gruen did photo some musicians, but he's better known as a promoter than as a photographer. A little Google on Mr. Gruen will yield some interesting projects he's been involved with over the years.

    I'm sure your photo is a good one, but a less expensive and more objective consensus about it might be had from just posting it on the Critique area
  15. Thanks for all the concern, but don't worry ... I'm not going to Las Vegas. I now have a wedding scheduled at the same time as the ISP convention.
    The wedding is more guaranteed than a chance at $10,000.
    I'm not going to spend over $1000 on a convention when I could spend the same on photography equipment and have some more fun.

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