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  1. I've been going around with my insurance company which carries home, auto, etc about covering some equipment I'm taking on a trip this summer. They need appraisals of all of it. I have a few sales receipts for the newer stuff. It is not good enough to give them pix, model, serial and fair market replacement pricing from Adorama and EBay. How does one get an appraisal on 14 pieces of gear and 10 small extras carried in one bag when I don't live near any camera stores? Or a better question, how to get it insured?
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    Are you a professional photographer and is this a business trip?

    If not, when I have traveled on holiday, my Travel Insurance has allowed coverage personal items up to a specific amount, in most cases that amount has been flexible and so the premium.

    Dunno if Travel Insurance where you are has this facility, but that's where I'd direct you have a look.

    If you are a professional photographer and this is a business trip, (and I assume by implication that you have not already your gear insured) then I'd direct you firstly to a professional association where equipment insurance cover is usually managed quite well.

    If you are a professional photographer and this is not a business trip, then IME this can be tricky - in this situation when I (we) have been traveling for pleasure, we have always taken my wife's camera gear and then there is no question whether or not that camera gear is covered by the personal items in the travel insurance.

  3. I've had photography equipment insurance from several different companies, but every one I have dealt with has let me set values based on current sales prices. I have periodically updated the insurance to reflect depreciation, etc.

    B&H, KEH, and Adorama all have used sales.

    Actual appraisals sounds like your insurance company doesn't do a lot of this kind of business. I would take it as a hint to look elsewhere for insurance.
  4. I started getting quotes from several other insurance companies on Friday. All of them can easily set me up for coverage on the equipment I'm taking to Alaska for between $60 & $90/yr. I called one of the only camera stores left in the Houston area (Houston Camera Exchange) and numerous others around the country including KEH and Adorama. None will do appraisals on amateur equipment. I will be switching insurance company at the end of the month from Liberty Mutual to include my gear, home, 2 autos & a 40' 5th wheel. Most likely a local independent that deals with Progressive as well as several others. The treatment I have gotten from LM has really stunk. I will most likely include all of my photo gear instead of just the gear going to Alaska.
  5. We've had no difficulty getting coverage on my (amateur) photo gear through a rider on our house insurance, or before we owned a house, a rider on renter's insurance. It's a good deal, with fewer restrictions and lower rates than professional photographers get on their equipment. On the other hand, a thread years ago warned of the possibility that, following a claim, an insurance company might cancel the house policy. We've had only one claim, not on the photo gear rider, and never had trouble with our insurance, but your mileage might differ.
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