I'll gladly swap my contest prizes for a day with John watching him work

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  1. Congratulations John Peri, you are indeed a very well deserved winner of the contest december 2017 - category Boudoir!

    I can see that the prize you are receiving is about “Building a Successful Boudoir Business Jen Rozenbaum”. I sort of scratch my neck wondering what on earth Maestro John Peri is going to do with that? I mean, just take a quick glance at John's pictures - and his prize-winning picture is even from the cover of one of his published books!

    I was so lucky to win second and third prize in the category "Color". I am proud and very thankful, but let me just whisper it in everybody's ears: I'll gladly trade my prizes for just a day together with John Peri watching him work! It looks as if he has the best job on Earth, and he already knows everything about executing it very well!
  2. Philip, why do you think he has “the best job on Earth”?
  3. Fred, why do you have to ask?
    Apart from the income maybe, compare a job like being a dentist and what he has to look at every day and then contemplate being in John Peri's shoes and what he looks at every day. What would you prefer: rotten teeth or gorgeous looking naked girls?
  4. I do not see anything special
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  5. Because each of us is different* and I wanted to know what you meant.
    Got it.

    *I just spent a week on a farm (I'm from the big city), watching folks plant, harvest, lovingly tend to animals, sweep up cow dung, chop wood for early winter fires, collect chicken eggs for breakfast, coming home from the barn and fields at night with very muddy boots but what seemed like very genuine smiles. I rarely need to put things in the category of "the best . . . on Earth." But I came away thinking these were great jobs. That's why I asked.
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    He has a job outside of photography, which appears to be personal rather than a job for him.
  7. Best job on earth to one is drudgery to another. Been on both sides of that equation. One of my nicest jobs probably paid the lowest but my worst day there didn't suck. It meant I picked up a camera every day which still gives me tremendous satisfaction.

    Rick H.
  8. If photographng these girls is not part of John's work but strictly his hobby, and he furthermore somewhere stated that they were just "the girls next door" which he met randomly in public spaces or so, can anyone explain to me how I do the same? I mean, to me these wonderful girls are more likely world class models and far from being just "the girl next door." And if I tried to "cold approach" this kind of girls in the street I would end up with far more slaps in my face than consents to such a project ;-)

  9. Most often, guys don’t get slapped in the face unless they act in such a way as to deserve being slapped in the face. Maybe start with that.
  10. Given the recent harassment charges against Terry Richardson and Bruce Weber, two big-name fashion photographers, deserving to be slapped in the face (by both female and male models) apparently doesn't run counter to being successful - at least for as long as they have been - in fashion and model photography.
  11. Why not pm John and ask for tips.

    It doesn’t happen in a day, I am sure. John has a huge portfolio of nudes to prove that he is serious about his work, which convinces more people to be willing to pose for him. It therefore helps to build up one’s portfolio and reputation bit by bit. If you are serious about this, you can start by hiring a professional model to explore your own skills at nude photography first, build a portfolio, then use that to motivate others to pose for you. Perhaps, relocating to an area with many aspiring models might help.

    I think, the recipe for NOT getting slapped too much is to show that your interest lies in the work and the artistic aspect of it, rather than in getting people to take off their clothes. And to do that, you have to be good at the work you produce.
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  12. On the other hand, no need to pretend that that can't also be a factor if there is a mutual consent and interest. Weston is a good example of a photographer who was clearly involved and interested in both the art of photography and the women in front of his camera (on a physical as well as mental level) and this shows in the work which is among the finest nude photography ever made.
  13. I forgot to add the word 'only' to what I wrote.
  14. Not to worry, Supriyo. I think what you said was very clear.

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