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  1. Hello everyone,
    I love the look that the 80s had with films. Any John Hughes Film, Working Girl, Secret of My Success, Witness, Ordinary People. I've asked before this question on the forum, but I really have determined that grain is really a part of my look.
    So my question is .... is there a plugin, software, or technique that is devoted to achieving the grainy, old film look for digital negatives?
    I used to shoot only film, and will get really back into it soon since this is the best way. But I would like to achieve that look for all of my work ,.... and the most efficient and fastest way possible.
    Any favorite films you use that has the best looking grain? I never shoot anything under 400 ISO.
    Thank you!
  2. Actually, the Kodak mot pic film 5247 had quite a bit of DR....I still have a roll or two in my refridge...and no one is developing it (no one around here). The 200ASA was my fave...and I used to got the mot pic remnants from RGB in Hollywood for many many years - v. nice film. It sort of resembled reg Kodak 160ASA film (lots of latitude).
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    Alien Skin has a plug-in that mimic film 'looks' (quotes on purpose) along with grain control:
    Lightroom and ACR have tools to add grain, I'd do the work at the raw rendering stage IF those tools do the job for you.
  4. For the second part of your question, I use Ilford Delta 3200 for grainy effects. I rate it at 400-800 ISO and develop as for 3200. This gives generous exposure and nice grain. If I want even bigger grain I rate at 400 ISO and develop as for 6400. That gives large grain and quite soft images. Although I've never used it, Rodinal developer gives visible grain with films like Tri X and HP5.
    Hope this helps
  5. Rob, I guess you mean digitally scanned negs? Any old film will do, but Tri-X and HP5 are the most forgiving to process, and to my eyes, also give the best IQ. Getting big grain is easy, as I've done it lots of times by accident. Just mix your developer (I use D76) full strength and use the times and temps for 1:1 dilution. Or underexpose your shots by a few stops. Heck, do both! Film is so neat, you'll get some sort of useable image no matter what you do. Over agitating will get you some surge marks if you're interested in that too.
  6. If you shoot at high ISO in RAW you can reduce chroma noise and keep the luminance noise while in the digital darkroom. This gives a grainy look that is natural to the image.

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