How was the lighting set up for this shot.

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  1. The light in this image is the typical light used in dance. In spain we call this a "calle" ("street") o" luz de calle" ("light of street") I do not know the translation in english theatrical argot.
    The scene in a theatre scene is divided in rows called "calles" (in Spain), the division are made by vertical panels out of the sight of the public in the sides of the scene. The phocus are bettwen this panels. What you see is the usual light for a ballerina.

    The spot in the floor I think is made with an spotlight, which has some blades which lets you the form you want to the ligh beams.

    As it is in the image is very difficult way to illuminate the figure, for the little size of the coberture. So two posibilities:
    a) It is not a scene photo but a studio image (you illuminate the space and put the ballerina there, not illumante the scene and let the ballerina dance).
    b) It is a scene photo and there is some postporcess to dark the enviroment.
  2. In a studio: two large Chimera strip light spftboxes. The spot light around her feet is done in post processing by blacking
    out everything on the floor except that circle.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Wrong... This is a very controlled shot done by using either 2 grids or fresnel. The circle on the floor is the result of the tight beam of light coming downward hitting the subject on both sides. notice the 2 shadows of the foot coming at both sides just like the lighting on the subject. The hard edge shadow transfer on the sides of the body dictates a hard light not a soft light. Funny I had to look twice because you would first think in order to get that circle on the floor her face would be evenly lit from a top light shooting down but no not so.
  5. Michael: do you mean two lights slightly behind the dancer with grids are postioned high aimed down towards the floor? are you saying the entire shot is lit with just two grided lights? or the spot on the floor is lit with two lights with grids and the dancer is lit with other lighting?
  6. two lights lighting the girl are also creating the spot on the floor.
  7. The foot shadow shows the placement of the slighty backlit lighting setup. 2 grids or fresnel. I can't say how much photoshop work was done to adjust shadow which would also make the circle a little tighter.
  8. Imagine the girls is in the center of a horinzontal clock. The camera is at 6. One of the light is at 9 and the other at 3 (actually about 1 minute near the 12 in both cases).
    I do not thing ina strip light. But the shadows of the feet decay quickly...
  9. Some of that floor light-puddle shape has to come in post. If you look at the top surface of her right slipper, you'll see it's strongly lit from camera left, and evenly so (intensity similar to the light that's hitting the same side of her left arm, for example). That light simply wouldn't fall off quickly enough to create the tight puddle we see on the floor. No way.
  10. Agree with Matt and Ellis, if the floor light was from above, it would be evidenced by hotter light on the face and tops of body parts like glutes or back or and it isnt. The lit area are from lights coming from the sides. There would probably be some fall off from top to bottom and there isnt. The shadow on the floor doesnt follow the shape of what would be expected by a topper (top light) Its too narrow and too symmetrical. Her chest shadow wouldnt be that narrow and the shadow doesnt extend under it far enough. Floor is burned in post. The created shadow helps ground her and if he shoots anything like me, is hiding a couple of piece of black gaffers for a mark for her to stand and orient her direction. I like that he didnt bullseye her in the "spot light." I dont think its a leg shadow because a strip would have thrown a torso shadow on each side as well. I also agree with the 2 strip lights or perhaps 2 fresnels flooded through barn doors in chinese (vertical) mailbox. It is those 2 lights creating the kicker lighting on each side. Doesnt look like any front fill. When I do want a spot light effect, I like using a 6' silver parabolic.
  11. I had to look again at this image and all the others that this photographer has taken and I change my mind on my first thoughts. I personally like to shoot all in camera with minimal post work in PS. I agree with the strip light soft boxes with the addition of soft grids to control the beam of light. The circle on the floor seems to be present in most all of his images which leads me to believe it is done in post.
  12. Michael, I agree on the egg crates on the strip bxes. They may have contributed to the harder shadow edge transfer here. They are on mine all the time. Help with flare and reduce need to flag. I really had to look close on this shot so I believe the maker achieved his illusion. From that shot you posted of the lady leaning on the wall, I'm not surprised you like to capture as much as possible in camera, for me that's the sign of a capable photographer and that image was wonderful. I have tucked those lines in my memory bank.

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