How to upload vertical shots to instagram?

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by dylan_park, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. I am quite new to instagram through are trying to find out how i can upload vertical shots that don't create white space on either side which the toggle thing does. The measurements are a 4 x5 for this i think. Everything I'm doing keeps me in square apart from that. This is an example of what i mean with having the whole vertical shot in there without empty space created on either side. www.instagram.comnickwaltersphotography
  2. It will allow you to post vertical aspect ratios, but only to a point. 4x5 sounds very safe. Have you upgraded the app?
  3. If you have photoshop, use the Image> Canvas control to make a border along the sides to make the width equal to the
  4. You do not need photoshop as Paint , which came to me with Windows 3.1.1, can do this for you at no expense apart from your time.... if you do not like white then organise a pleasing color?
    I organised a new 'canvas size' and pasted the photo to it and then filled the blank areas with the red color.
    edit probably other simple [free] editors would also do it for you

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