How much is a used Canon 10D worth these days?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by carlosmiller, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I would like to sell mine because I've since upgraded to the 5D.
  2. Around $400-$450
  3. See KEH for prices on what they're selling them for. Expect to be paid less if they buy yours.

    Otherwise, you can take your chances selling on Ebay.
  4. Keep it for back-up/2nd long-lens body.
  5. Send it in and convert it to infra red.
  6. IMHO, a 30D would be a better suited "backup", primarily due to the introduction of Picture Styles to the workflow.
  7. And a 20D, Bob? What is it worth these days?

    I am contemplating selling both my 10D & 20D and getting a 5D and a 50/1.4 (which would be free with the current rebates).
  8. sold mine $400 after upgrading to 5D
  9. Is Bob the camera blue book or something? Can't you do your own searching on Ebay and Keh? Good grief.
  10. Lighten up already. I have an idea, I think it's worth about $750, was only looking for additional info.
  11. To me, my 10D is worth $1100.

    Why $1200? Because if it broke tomorrow, B&H would charge me $1170 + $30 shipping to get a new 30D.

    But if a 40D, with good specs, were to appear tomorrow, my 10D would be worth about nothing. Why? Because I would buy the 40D, and since I don't need two cameras if the 10D were to break I would not replace it.

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