How excited should I be?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by silverfox, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. I have just ordered the Canon 100mm 2.8L IS USM, this will be my first L lens and true macro lens! If anybody has any images they would like to share taken with this lens please do. Mine for now will be mounted on a 500D until I get my 7D. Cant wait!
  2. Martyn,
    Very :)
    It is my next lens too.
  3. I agree. Very. I have one. Superb in every respect.
    BTW, a lot of the really excellent macro work you will find on the web is done with Rebels. No reason to wait for another body before you start enjoying your new lens.
  4. You should be moderately excited. It's just a lens. A good lens, but nevertheless nothing that will change your life.
  5. Bob,
    It might change Martyn's life. It might change and or touch the lives of many who see his pictures with it, come on, the glass is more than half full in the Fox household :)
  6. I agree, Scott.
    I have seen many pictures that have changed my perspective on the way I take picture. I would be very excited if I were you! Can't wait to see your results.
  7. be excited, good for you! a great lens and alot of fun. that is exciting.
  8. Although I don't have one, I would be in the "very excited" group. "L" series lenses are praised for their durability and high quality output. You will hopefully see the value in the lens on your first outing. Reference examples, have you checked out Flickr for examples of what that lens can do? There are groups in Flickr for just about every type of lens available and they can do a lot to show you what a lens is capable of. I know the quality filter on Flickr isn't the best, but it's a start. Congratulations on joining the "L" family. I hope to join soon myself as I too have recently bought a 7D.
  9. I cant wait, hi Bob I was recently looking at your website while trying to decide which lens to go for. I noticed you have a section titled the best Canon lenses in three groups, those where money is no object, $600 lenses and some for under $300. I noticed the Canon 100mm 2.8 older version appear in both the "money no object and the $600 or under lists. This prompted me to look at the the 100mm 2.8 further, that lens has very good reviews and was the one i nearly went for, then I noticed the image stabilised "L" version and that was it, sold! So in an ironic kind of way Bob you are partly to blame for the excitement! That is if you are the same Mr Bob Atkins.
  10. How you doing Scott, I understand you own a bean bag in the shape of a frog? I noticed the post on another thread regarding the 100mm L. Any pictures of said bean bag? Ha ha, thankyou for your responses.
  11. you bought an excellent macro lens.
  12. For the moment ignoring Bob's entirely correct post...
    Very excited. It's my current favourite lens. (Over my 50/1.4, over my 70-200/4 IS.)
    I'm really impressed with the IS, in every day shooting it's brilliant and even while handholding macro shots (sometimes using AI Service for AF) it's still pretty impressive.
    Color, contrast and bokeh are very pleasing too.
    If this lens doesn't give you great results it's time to rethink your hobbies... (or at the least time to work on your photography and artistic skills.)
  13. I have also bought this lens recently, and it is just fun to use it, both in macro and non-macro situations. It features all the goodness of the previous 100 macro, plus the added benefits of IS and better thought out AF ranges.
  14. Just a lens? JUST A LENS ? ? ? Bob, you're obviously shooting too much.....
    Happy shooting,
  15. I've got the non-IS non-L version of the 100mm Macro. I'm really very happy with it, but I think IS might help at times when I'm too lazy to get and set up my tripod.
    I've been considering if it's worth it for me to upgrade to the L IS, but I think I'm going to hold off on that until after I upgrade my camera body (currently using a 20D and get a decent tele-prime (70-200 is my largest lens at the moment)).
    Show off some of the pics you take with it! (mine are here (taken with the non-IS, non-L version): please bear in mind that I'm an amateur and really just starting to learn...)
  16. "You should be moderately excited."
    Bob, how do you spell curmudgeon?
    Who would pursue a hobby (an expensive one at that) to achieve moderate excitement?
    Cheers! Jay
  17. Hi Quintin, just had a look at your images. Very sharp, I like the speedmaster shot, great watch also!
  18. I am very glad I went from the wonderful non-L version to the L version. In very low light, I can get images with this image stabilized lens that I can't with the 50mm f1.4. Here are some examples:
  19. David the images look great, mine is due to arrive first thing in the morning!
  20. Very excited for you. I shoot with a 7D and 5D MII now, but some of my best pics to this day were taken with the rebels.
  21. Much as I respect Bob, it changed mine! Virginia
  22. Thanks, Martyn. Photographing watches was one of the biggest reasons I bought the lens for, just over a month ago.
    When I see al the other pictures taken with this lens on, I see I still have quite a lot to learn! And yes, it is very sharp, but that took some experimenting... I have to use mirror lockup on my cheap wobbly tripod or use a high shutter speed... I imagine the IS version will be better in that respect (I really won't use anything over ISO400 on my 20D..).
    The really fun part is using this lens with some extension tubes (I've got some that have the contact points for diaphragm control and autofocus, no idea if IS will work when using these, I don't think it will..). It becomes a 1.97:1 macro lens. Still very sharp!
  23. Howdy!
    Maybe Bob was trying to say:
    "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true. "
    Mr. Spock

  24. Very good Paul, great quote, "Amok Time" from The Original Series. I image it will in fact be a wonderful lens, the non-L is fantastic, so it should be all the better. I would be excited - and as stated, no reason to wait for the 7D, start enjoying ASAP.
  25. Wow, it is in my hands as I type. Just fired a few test shots off and the first thing you notice is how fast the AF is, very quick. It seems to suit my 500D pretty well, doesnt look to big when mounted. Looking forward to getting out in the wilds with it.
  26. And the IS beats that of my 70-200/4...
    In short: have fun!
  27. I am shooting for 20 years and the only piece of equipment that this applies to is the Mamiya 120/4 which I bought about a year ago. Reason: It gets about twice as long in MFD than in infinity and has no tripod collar. No problem. I'll either custom built a tripod collar for it or just get the 100/2.8 IS. :)
    Happy shooting,

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