How do you get brown tones on a black and white roll?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by justin_ng|1, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. How do you get brown tones on a black and white roll?
  2. sepia toner.
  3. Sandy's answer is correct if you're printing on B&W paper. If you're printing digitally on color paper (RA-4 or inkjet), there's ways to generate a color image in a range of tones.
  4. Alright thanks :)
  5. Hello everyone. Justin there are actually two methods of getting a brown tone to photographic paper. As mentioned, sepia toning is the most popular. Be aware that this is a two step process. First you bleach the paper & then sepia tone it- two chemical baths. The bleaching will control the deepness of the resulting brown.
    The second method is a prolonged immersion with selenium toner. "Normally" with selenium, one removes the paper just as a noticeable toning occurs. This color is a blue-black. If immersed longer than this first noticeable toning, the color will proceed to a brown. Very different than the sepia color.
    Either toning process will impart an "archival" quality to the print, IF the print is hypo free to start.
    I have included a print with light brown toning, which is labeled "Bandicot" in my software.
    Aloha, Bill
  6. Nice one Bill, thanks for the info :) Gonna try doing it someday

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