How Can I Know If New Ricoh GR II Was a Returned Item From Another Buyer

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  1. I ordred a new Ricoh GR II new from Amazon Prime and just received. this was sold and shipped from Amazon. Im suspicious it may be used, or a returned item. Are there any ways to tell? The box wasn't sealed, but I'm not sure if they come sealed in plastic wrap from the factory. There were a few air bubbles behind the screen protector, as if it may have been removed and latter replaced. Perhaps Im just being a little OCD
  2. You could check the number of shutter actuations in an image's EXIF data - if the camera is new, the number should ideally be zero but should definitely be a small number only.
  3. Can that be set back to 0?
  4. Have you tried asking Amazon why it wasn't a sealed box. If you are not happy about it send it back.
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  5. I get most of my photo gear in pre-loved condition so I don't generally find myself in your situation. I suggest you examine the camera under a strong light for scratches, scuffs etc indicative of use, then take Dieter's suggestion to check the actuations. If it looks like new and has less than 10 actuations, then treat it as new and enjoy it. If it turns out otherwise, then you have an issue with Amazon.
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  6. I finally figured out to to check for shutter actuations. It has 8, including the few that I shot off last night to test (probably 8)
    I thought the rear screen has some smudges on it but not really sure. Those screens seem to always have shadows at certain angles.
    Someone mentioned the open box. Like I said, it cane in the box, Im just not sure if it is supposed to have a sealed plastic wrap over the box.
  7. Can you check the ad to find Amazon's source for this camera? And is that source an authorized Ricoh dealer? If not you might do further investigation. (I don't know if Amazon is an authorized dealer for any photo equipment.)
  8. Generally not by the user. Ricoh Service centers most certainly can.

    Then it's fairly safe to assume that the camera is new. Stop worrying about it and start using it. If the camera came directly from amazon, I strongly doubt that it could be a customer return. I'd be more inclined to believe it if it was from a third party (either direct or "fulfilled by amazon").

    All I've encountered do not.
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  9. I only bought new Pentax bodies before Ricoh bought that company but am not recalling any plastic wrapping or seals around their boxes.
  10. All of my cameras came in unsealed box. That is you can open it and carefully repack it without anyone knows. The accessories and the manual generally came in a sealed or taped bag.
  11. I forgot what camera store I bought my Canon 40D from online, but I suspect it was used as a demo in the store before they shipped it off. The battery terminals were scuffed a little from having been installed in the camera and some items were not neatly wrapped in plastic bags like they normally are.
    I did not have any problems with the camera, but it did bother me that I was sold a "demo" camera at a new camera price.
    I always check the battery terminals when unwrapping a camera.
  12. Amazon in the UK are authorised Nikon dealers and suspect the same for Rikoh. As someone ha already alluded to ensure the seller is actually Amazon and not a third party. I have bought new Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses directly from Amazon with no problems.
  13. If you feel you have a case to make then here is what I might do. Photograph all the items that cause you suspicion. Send them to Amazon and say you think this was pre used or opened box item. They may offer you a disount or gift card. As long as you have a warranty card one has to presume it was new. But then, if you are bothered why then return it and ask for another at their expense. Let us know how it works out..

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