HI! I'm not new here, but I'm introducing myself.

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  1. Hi, I'm Josh.
    I've been a professional photographer for over a decade now and involved with photo.net for longer than that. Now I'm the guy who runs the place. I spent a number or years working in the "extreme" sports industry and did a lot of magazine work on the editorial end and product/ad work on the commercial side. It was pretty fun and a great adventure (if you care, you can read about it in this article ), but at some point I wanted to be at home sleeping next to my wife and not on some athlete's couch or in the back of a stinky tour van. After that, I spent a few years doing wedding and some random editorial/commercial work. And then in 2006 I got the chance to run the public side of photo.net, which was pretty cool. I don't mess with the programming side though, Jin the Wizard does that. He said that he'll turn me into a Kodak disc camera if I touch anything.
    I live up here in Washington state. I have a wife and 1.5 children. Actually, at this point it's more like 1.75. I've got one great dog and three horrible cats. When I actually get to get out of the house, I go fly-fishing, golfing, rock-climbing, or just hang out at the brewpub and throw darts. When I don't get to get out of the house, I mostly just work on photo.net or change diapers. Which some might say is the same thing. Not me though, one stinks WAY more than the other.
  2. Nice to meet you, Josh!
    I'm still working on that E6 article for the Film Rules thingy, I've just been too darn busy.
  3. nno no josh its 4/9th and 7/9th children
    unless your wife is different thasn mine
    or rules are different in the far weast.
    ( sorry " just joshing you"
  4. Josh, sure you'll like Pnet. The moderators here are pretty cool, too.
  5. Yeah it's not a bad place to hang out.
  6. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Have you picked out a name for ".75" yet? It would be bothersome if you named him/her that and they had to make a name change every 3 months!

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