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  1. I just found and old Leica cam and I am going to sell but I have no idea what's the value or is it even real? Please help me identify this Leica and know how much does it worth? It doesn't work


  2. Looks like a IIIf.

    I suspect it needs a CLA (I can tell you the lens needs it for sure). Check closed/sold eBay auctions for a ballpark value - then proceed from there.

    IMHO - toss the case as is adds nothing in the condition it's in.
  3. I have no idea how to clean this but any price in mind? I really want to sell them since i'm not a big fan of photograph plus all I see on ebay are bodies only with no lens. So I hav eno idea
  4. It certainly looks genuine to me. I agree with Bill that it's probably a IIIf. The value will have to be determined by auction. If it's being sold as-is, expect maybe, oh, I don't know, US$300? I'd like to know what others think. Maybe that's too high. But let people bid and start at $0.99. The market will tell you exactly how much it's worth. Leica stuff always attracts bids.
  5. About as common a body as Leica gets, and in typical less than ideal shape, which means this is no good mine you are sitting on.
  6. Leica IIIf, early 'black dial' version, with a 5cm Summarit 1.5. It's hard to judge the condition from your photo. If the lens were in nice condition it would be worth more than the body, but from what I can see it doesn't look great. It might be OK if it's cleaned professionally, but you probably shouldn't attempt this yourself as the glass is very soft and easily damaged (if it isn't already). A specialist Leica dealer who sells vintage gear can give you an informed opinion. Otherwise, check completed auctions on ebay for pricing. If you want to list it, get some better photos done in good light and describe it as clearly as you can, warts and all. When you say it doesn't work, what is wrong? It's rarely worth spending money on getting the body or lens serviced yourself if you're going to sell it on - just set a realistic price.
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  7. I just found this at my old family house and I wanted to sell it with a good price. I am not really aiming for a high price but maybe an easy money would do. I have zero knowledge on cameras.
  8. Here are other pics please if anyone is interested please offer.




  9. Chances are the work to get it in condition to shoot (I'm guessing you haven't a clue the shape it's in mechanically) could cost as much as it's worth the way it sits.

    Here's a IIIF, a nicer version than the one you have with a self timer fitted, that's been COMPLETELY overhauled, so in perfect shape to shoot, and the guy wants $395...

    Leica IIIf black dial self timer - near mint condition - completely overhauled | eBay

    I wouldn't pay $100 for the setup you have, as it sits.
  10. Please refrain from posting the same question in two boards: Leica . The response given there explains pretty clear why people here are hesitant to quote you a price. If you want to sell the camera, either use the classified forum, which exists for that exact purpose, or of course eBay, which has a lot more viewers.
  11. There is no base plate. That makes a difference. I would keep it with its case...
  12. As is; $50-100. From decades of sitting in the case it is filthy, with dust, dirt and probably mold inside both camera and lens, no base plate or lens cap, a very common model early model IIIf with early style non-progressive shutter speeds. Is there a film take up reel in the camera body? Don't try to clean either camera or lens, or the value will drop further. The Summarit f1.5 50 is very easy to damage as the front lens element coating is fragile and the glass is almost as soft as chalk and easy to scratch. I have IIIf ser. #602834 identical to yours that except for a dim rangefinder mirror is in perfect shape with a reconditioned Summarit lens. Look in the bottom of the camera case, if you are fortunate the base plate may be attached to the retaining knob on the bottom of the case.
  13. Unknown condition starting bid $1
  14. Someone may wish to contact Jim Lager LHSA as to why the Summarit lens barrel is marked "U.S.Pat". Mine lacks that lettering and numbering on the barrel. Is that a patent number or a serial number matching the number on the lens front black ring? Any Summarit f1.5 50 LTM collectors out there?
  15. It's a patent number. The Summarit wasn't an original design, but was used under licence from Taylor Hobson. Lenses intended for certain markets apparently had to indicate this for legal reasons.
  16. I had my Summarit CLA'd which included polishing and recoating the front element. As the coating process involved heat, I had to agree to risk having the front element crack which would ruin the lens as no replacement front elements are available except from other used lenses. I was fortunate that the recoating process did not crack the front lens element. In use I found the Summarit lens is very low contrast and results are best with B/W film. $25 for everything.

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