Help me ID this instant camera

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  1. Got this camera in a lot with a 600SE and what looks to be a passport camera of sorts. I haven't seen the one on the right before so can anybody on here shed some light on the model and what it was used for? It looks like it should be screwed onto something.

  2. It looks like an instrument recording camera. Maybe for a microscope or oscilloscope.
  3. The one to the left might be a passport-photo rig ?
  4. rdm


    I know all these cameras.
    You are right about what they are.
    One close focus passport camera, nice 600 Se press camera, & a specialty back (missing the mounting plate and camera it was for).
    Nice collection you got.
    what were you hoping to do with them ?
    Do you need help on how to use them and what subject the would be best to take pictures of with them ?
  5. Ellis is correct. That device, with its mounting screws, is very similar to ones attached to early GE gamma scintillation cameras used in nuclear medicine. A study, say a brain perfusion scan, would find the patient's head strapped to the detector and a bolus of radioactive liquid pushed into the arm vein. When the tourniquet was removed the tech would pull Polaroids every two seconds to trace the blood flow as the radionuclide filled the head. This was my job in the Army in the early '70's. You had to coat the Polaroids separately back then with a stick of semi-solid fixer material that came with the Polaroid pack in a small black tube.
    The Miniportrait takes four passport sized head shots on one sheet of Polaroid. It came supplied with a nifty print cutter to cut the individual shots neatly in the size used in passports.
  6. Thanks fellas. Louis you are living testiment to why i freaking love online forums. Qualified answer that one!

    The gear will go on on eBay. I find stuff like this locally and sell it to someone who (hopefully) will put it to good use. I have had a bunch of 600SEs so know that model very well.
    As a side note the 600SE remains one of my personal favourite cameras of all the cams I sell. I see pretty much all the good analogue stuff but the 600SE is one of those rare models that adds its magic dust to the images. The technical back/lens will probably just be run as a $1 auction and perhaps someone can mod it into something useful.
  7. Thanks fellas. Louis you are living testiment to why i freaking love online forums. Qualified answer that one!

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