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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Vincent Peri, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    One of my Nikkor lenses (105 2.5 AIS) has some fungus in it. I have no tools to disassemble the lens to remove the fungus, so I need a good repair shop to do it for me.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I just went through all the possibilities and options of repairing a fungus infested Fuji 18-55mm zoom and came to the conclusion it ain't worth it. Money better applied toward another lens.
  3. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    The fungus I have to deal with is a small 3-4 mm patch on one element. This shouldn't be as complicated as disassembling a zoom lens.
  4. SCL


    Most amateurs inadvertantly introduce more fungus spores in disassemblying their lenses than they clean off, so either forget about it or leave it to a professional. (I worked for some time in an infectious diseases sterile lab, and we daily ran control petri dishes for airborne fungi...let me assure you, no matter where you live, it is present).
  5. As SCL says, fungus spores are everywhere. You can control infection, however, by keeping your work and storage area dry, and low in humidity. Fungus needs moisture to grow.
  6. Regardless, you've got to get it out of there before it seriously etches the elements. Keep looking for a repair person!
  7. Since no one has a clue where you are, how's a service rec going to work? It was one of Nikon's most popular lenses. Get another if you can't get it cleaned up.
  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm in Louisiana.
  9. If it were me I might call KEH in Atlanta ( which takes in a lot of lenses and get their opinion and even an over the phone estimate. I would not fear that such a spot is going to necessarily spread like a virus, but it will of course do more damage. Look into past threads on storage ( too too too long to recapture those ideas and options and speculations) I do not get too alarmed about a small spot until it shows in the image making. What does Nikon USA have to say? I expect all of my lenses here to get some fungus eventually. And I will replace them. Cost of living in a temperate latitude. Today is hot and muggy. My lenses are not happy. Especially my Swift binoculars which are not WP.
  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I don't like Nikon any more. Their website has absolutely no support for film cameras/lenses that I can find.
  11. There's guys like Steve Choi in LA who works on Leicas, but also most classic cameras. Steve Sandy's Cameraquest does repair. I'm not sure if on site or not, but he's worth contacting. Someone said KEH, they probably have access to those types of repairs. Also, just do a google search for "classic camera and lens repair". Should be several people out there. HOWEVER, they sell on the web for 100 - 200. KEH has bgn and ugly versions for 100 bucks. You probably just need to wait till a KEH exc. shows, and it will probably be 2-250. Economically, what is best? Do your research and find out. You don't want to replace it with another one that also has fungus, so, you just have to find a good one or get it fixed. It is a very respected lens.
  12. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I checked KEH, and their 2 "Bargain" 105 f/2.5 AIS lenses are $218 (no lens caps) and $248 (with caps - $30 for lens caps???). I'm afraid to find out what they want for an "Excellent" lens LOL.
  13. Photography is not a low cost hobby. Whichever way you go, don't forget to add in shipping costs. At least with KEH you get a warranty and opportunity to look at the lens with a small flashlight. Me, I would wait until the one you got is kaput. But I shoot with several lenses that have spots. If spots do not get to be threads then seek a replacement. Labor of optical repair will crush you I suspect Vincent. Caps are caps. But then lot of lenses come in without them. And too bad you do not deal with Nikon USA. Bad web site deters. Ah so. But that is best I have to say, and I am well versed in yeast and fungi. Bummers. As to KEH, their rating and prices are going to be the best out there. compare with the other used dealers. Ask around.
  14. So what are the quotes for the lens repair?
  15. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I've been out of town until Saturday night. I'll try to call a couple of places Monday and see what happens.
  16. I don't see that this follows at all. While it is true that zooms are more complicated to put back together, disassembly of any lens is not to be undertaken litely.

    I'd be very curious, frankly doubtful, to see if you could find a lens repair for much less than the KEH lens prices you cite.

    DIY may be the answer (eg, LINK) but it may be enough to simply kill the fungus with Ultraviolet lamps (if that works, there is debate, Google is your friend). If the mold is stopped from growing, the loss of image quality from it will be minimal.

    Here's one that still works more than you would think and it's pretty far gone:
    formerly very expensive lens, slightly fungussed :eek:
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  17. If replacement cost/repair availablity are problematic, look into the sleeper Series E 100/2.8.

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