HC110 / Rodinal speedballs?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by cenelsonfoto, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. You get a better high if the two are mixed 50/50.
  2. I'm gonna try to cook a batch of Diafine next.... you think the push might be too much for my ticker?
  3. Get drunk. The alcohol will enhance the effect. Snort some Dektol or D-76 as well. Wear womens clothing while you do this. Then, when everything has kicked in, go sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the top of your lungs in front of your local police station. Cops love that!
  4. Aw, yeh... Maybe a Pyro enema beforehand. Ecstacy!
  5. I seem to hear the music from "Sayonara" playing softly somewhere in the background.

    Ron Mowrey
  6. Sayonara? You going home?
    Here, stare at some lovely FP4+ bathed in HC110 1:100 for 28mins @20C
  7. I prefer to snort the softer stuff, like Xtol and D-76. My hallucinations are all too grainy and contrasty on HC-110 and Rodinal.
  8. Are you fluids at the correct temp?

    I went a little flat after this dose, so I think I need more agitation next go-round. I should be able to find agitation enough around here if I read enough threads.
  9. I got hold of some bad Xtol a few years back and my head still ain't right.
  10. I'm still recovering from a Photoflo mishap. Some chick I picked up at a darkroom social talked me into boiling that crap down and smokin the resin under glass, old fashioned tack hits... worse than huffing freon, my friends. Man that gal was hot. Can't believe I smoked that stuff.
  11. BTW, talked about a diffuser head....
  12. Do you use a replensher chaser?
  13. Replenish her? I hardly knew her!

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