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  1. I am looking for a used 60mm lens for my 501cm, I have found both
    Carl Zeiss CF Distagon F 3.5 /60mm or a 60mm CB Lens, is one better
    than the other ? The CB is cheaper ?

    Thanks Max.
  2. Max,<br><br>The CB version is the CF version (same lens) in different mount.<br><br>The CB mount should be the better of the two, with improved stray light reduction, easier focussing, and newer shutter.<br><br>The thing the CB lacks compared to the CF is the "F" mode, the mode in which the lens' leaf shutter is "switched off" when the lens is used on Hasselblad bodies with focal plane shutter.<br>If you can do without "F" mode, the CB lens would definitely be the one to go for.
  3. I read through a Japanese Magzine (Asahi Camera Special:Zeiss Lenses), which contains technical test results includes MTF of Hasselblad mount Zeiss Lenses. The tests were done by Japanese Optical Research Center. There are MTF on CF 50,60,80,120,150 & 180 and CB 60, 80 & 160. AT THE CENTER, the CF 60 is rated at 158 at f3.5 and f8(I can't find the unit of this number, but there is a footnote said that the test machine limit is 200 line/mm). On the contrary, the CB 60 is 140 something at f3.5 and 158 at f8. The resolution of CF60 is decreased much slower than CB60 when moving away from the center. This should help to conclude that CF is better than CB. This fact may also on their unit price. I will try to scan those pages in and post for your reference.
  4. Thomas,<br><br>...or it shows how even "professionals", people asking us to trust them, can botch up tests (not uncommon, by the way).<br>;-)
  5. I have the 60CB. It is extremely sharp and wonderful in every way--a subjective response instead of technical. I also own CFE and CFi lenses and don't see any difference in contrast, color rendition or sharpness, but then I photograph people, not landscapes, although I have photographed large groups with the 60 and facial detail and sharpness has been superb. The 60 CB has the same optical design as the "regular" 60.

    Another difference is that the CB lenses use the same shutter spring as CF lenses, while the CFE and CFi lenses use shutter springs made of "Nivarox", a material which is supposed to increase the spring's life. Also, the markings on the CB are all white, not multi-colored.
  6. I'm really new to MF and Hasselblad. I just got a 503cw body/finder/back. I'm still waiting to buy a lens. Just like Max, I'm also considering the CB version (80mm in my case), and this thread was extremely helpful. In fact, this forum is tremendous!!

    On the topic of CF vs. CB, I did find in my research that they are different in their optical design -- CB has 6 elements vs. 7 in CF.
  7. Amit,<br><br>That's right. While the CB 60 mm lens is optically the same as the C, CF and CFi versions, the CB 80 mm Planar lens is of different design. There is a small difference in performance too, the C/CF/CFE versions of the 80 mm being a bit better than the CB version.
  8. The CB lenses usually have 1 less element than the CF lenses. If you want to go full tile techno-nerd, the MTF curves show the CF lenses as having slightly higher resolution. Whether you will see this in the final image is debatable.
  9. I have heard this before but I believe it's false. According to Nordin, the CB lens has the same optical design as the CF or CFi version," adding that "it is a greatly under appreciated lens."
    I have several Hasselblad lenses but my CB 60mm is my favorite.
  10. The CB 60 mm and CB 120 mm are optically identical to the CF versions, so also perform the same.

    The CB 80 mm is not, has a design not seen before, and performs a bit less good than the CF version.

    The CB 160 mm is also new, without a CF version to compare it too. The closest equivalents in focal length are the 150 mm and 180 mm, which both are distinctly better lenses.

    And those are all CB lenses there were.

    That hasn"t changed since 2005.
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