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  1. I'm a hobbyist photographer who lives in Scotland. I have time and decent gear and I seek to enhance sensory and expressive skills - hopefully, your images, critiques and comments will help! BTW, is there a way I can acknowledge / respond to an image comment on this site?

    Look forward to learning and sharing.

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    Welcome! In re: reply, either in the thread, or click the name of the commenter and have a private conversation.
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  3. If you're talking about responding to a critique on one of your photos, the way it's been traditionally done is that you would follow it up with a comment on your own photo and the poster would get notification that his critique had been followed up. underwent a redesign early this year and kinks are still being ironed out and I'm not sure those notifications are working for personal images. They are working for forums so I'll be notified if you respond to me in this thread. (I set up threads I participate in to default to being "watched" which is why I will get a little red alert button at the top of my pages when anyone else posts to this thread. You can also opt to be notified by email which I have set to OFF.) Not sure these alerts will happen on one of your photo pages. So, yes, by clicking on any poster's name you can communicate with them privately.
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  4. Thanks Fred. Extremely helpful.
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  5. Thanks Sandy.
  6. Sure. Just wanted you to know I saw your response!
  7. Welcome to PN! The responses you already received are from two exceptional photographers. You can learn a lot just by viewing their work. (And, I am NOT buttering you up, Fred and Sandy!)

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