Got my K-1 yesterday

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  1. It feels great in the hand. I'm waiting for new lenses while my bank account recovers but I'm already tempted to sell the 645D since I think I can get pretty close to that level of IQ without all the bulk or expense of MF. That would generate some lens money too.
    I've only shot a few photos but the controls feel intuitive to this Pentax veteran.
    K-1 & Tamron 28-75/2.8
    K-1 & M 100/4 macro
    K-1 & FA 77, taken by my wife
  2. Lovely first images! It looks like that K-1 is in good hands.
    But I have to raise a yellow card. First images from a new camera are required to be either a cat or a bookshelf. ;-)
  3. How would you rate it against the K5/K3 in image quality ?
  4. Sorry David, the first was actually of my son because the cat was out terrorizing the neighborhood. :) Shutter was too slow so it wasn't a keeper.
    Harry, it's not startlingly different but the photos with the Tamron and FA 77 look very nice and sharp on close inspection. My biggest motivation was high ISO performance for night shooting which I have not had a chance to do yet. But I have no complaints about the camera. I also have a new appreciation for that 28-75/2.8 which has been performing very nicely with it. The FL feels much more natural to me than it does on APS-C which always felt a little cramped.
    Looks like my Metz 58 AF-2 will need some kind of update to work right with it as the TTL modes don't always fire the flash. I heard it was because of focal length conversion when Pentax only had crop sensors and now they need to not convert for FF.
  5. A while back there seemed to be concern about performance with older high quality lenses made for full frame (35mm film) cameras. Seems like they are doing quite well!
    Indeed, you can enjoy the now versatility of your Tamron 28-75mm being finally able to shoot wide angle, normal, and tele range photos. I have an old but good Tokina ATX PRO 28-70mm f/2.8 that I could put back in service, among other FF lenses still in my possession. It has had very little use in recent years, being reserved just for film. The K-1 was just tested by POP PHOTO magazine, and they used the old but good Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4 which turned in very fine results.
    I don't get it regarding the flash. The FF difference should only concern the flash's auto zoom. I often prefer to switch the zoom to manual anyway, using a setting wider than my lens FL for more even coverage.
    Please do let us know how the low light, high ISO performance goes!
  6. I emailed Metz and they acknowledge the problem but gave no indication of the exact cause. That FL issue was just speculation on another forum but it sounds like it's a possibility to me. They say they are developing a firmware update but it's not ready yet.
    I'll try my Sigma 530 Super when I get a chance and see if that one has any issues.
  7. Very disappointing that there are no brick wall shots, the ne plus ultra.
    The feel is very important. I haven't had a totally nice feeling Pentax since the K200D. Keep us updated and look around in the back loading area of some malls for some brick walls.
  8. Looks like K-1 is a winner.
    I got my B&H notice yesterday that the K-1 I inquired about is due to ship once it's paid for.
    I'm holding off for now on K-1 so if anyone wants K-1 from B&H I assume it'll ship after the 4th, you know, once its paid for
  9. Sorry Wayne, I live in a town without any malls! (lucky me)
  10. @Matt, congratulations, well deserved. I see our old friend Todd with K-1 as well. Will lurk more in the images from you, Todd all Pentaxians on the K-1. Exciting indeed.
  11. Also, the current issue of Popular Photography gave the K-1 a great review. These are exciting times for Pentax fans.
  12. Matt;
    As always, we will be looking for great photos from you: I figured you would have upgraded to the 645Z not the K-1 (Is that an upgrade?) The major issue I have with the K-1 is lack of lenses: sure, there are plenty of third party lenses, but is the quality of Sigma or Tamron the same as Pentax? I am not sure what I am going to replace my K-5 with, but at least the K-3. Keep us all informed how the K-1 works for you so we can get an actual owner's review.
  13. "The major issue I have with the K-1 is lack of lenses: "
    Actually you can get by with the new 70-200mm and the new 24-70mm if you like HUGE expensive zooms. The 24-70 is not bad selling at about $1400, but the 24-70mm is about $1800+ last time I looked. You can also use your old Takumar lenses and of course your Limited lenses(31mm, 77mm 43mm) the 100mm macro will also work as well as the 200mm. Also there is a ton of very good used Pentax AF lenses on ebay if you don't mind using old lenses on a new camera.
    I have to wait for the K-1 because, I just got a gig as a freelance wedding photographer stating in august, so it would be cheaper for me to buy a Canon 6D and use my old Canon lenses, rather that buy a K-1 and have to buy new lenses, plus speed-light.

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