Good photography school in London, UK ???

Discussion in 'Education' started by oza, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. oza


    Hi there, I was trying to do some research on photography schools in London, but it seems like they teach you
    very basics or they just don't seem too decent.
    Basically I know how to take photos, been doing it for a while. I do digital and film, recently mostly medium
    format film.
    So I know all the basics. What I'm interested in is access to the studio and models, meeting some good
    photographers, maybe getting more into fashion and studio photography and getting professional:)
    Do you know any good schools in London? I could even do uni for 3 years on the weekends, i don't mind :)

  2. Not in London, but I have heard great things about this photography school in the UK
  3. Not a formal teaching establishment but located near central London,see the list of groups in case it may be of interest.The club has many professional members:
  4. London College of Communication, the best school I have attended...., for degrees, MAs and short courses...part of the University of the Arts which also includes Central St Martins, which courses are much more expensive...Camberwell College also rated excellent for printing too....Westminster University is also highly reputable.....for all courses in the UK see luck...I'm now looking to take a course outside the UK...
  5. oza


    Thanks guys... I actually joined the camera club, it's pretty good ;))
  6. Whichever photography college you choose, stay clear of Kensington and Chelsea college, at least that department. It ´s a student nightmare- bad organisation and teachers don´t care. Now looking back, it is worth spending a bit more not to be disappointed. I would also recommend, for example London college of Communication or University of Westminster for foundation or other. Hope this helps :)

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