Good deal on pre-ordering Nikon D7000?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tempest_connolli, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Has anyone find a good deal on pre-ordering the Nikon D7000 in the US? Now that bing cashback is gone, I'd hate to pay full price on a pre-order.
  2. ShunCheung

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    Why would any legit camera store discount a brand new product that is clearly going to in very high demand? The introduction of the D7000 is their golden time to make more money. While I don't expect any serious shortage, but if there is some D7000 shortage, certain stores may jack up the price to beyond the suggested US$1200 and that will be why they have it in stock.
    If you want discounts for the D7000, wait till early 2011, or better yet, wait another 2 years when it is discontinued. :)
  3. Not always true. Sometimes, despite all the pre-release hype, a new product may not sell as much as expected and this usually leads to price discounts. Of course you won't see that in a pre-order, you need to wait for the product to actually be available.
  4. Nish, you are correct with many products, as sometimes the suggested retail prices are intentionally inflated, this has not been the case with Nikon.
    If you do by chance see a discounted price at any time in the very near future, it would probably be from a 'scam' site.
  5. I'm positive that there will not be any major discounts on the D7000 for a while...this is a highly anticipated camera, it sets the new bar for prosumer DSLRs, and we're coming into the Christmas selling season.
  6. I don't know if you guys are familiar with Bing Cashback. It was a Microsoft service that basically paid you cash for buying on the internet (anywhere from 2% to 7% or more depending on the store). I never understood their business model, and they probably didn't either. It was good while it lasted, but Microsoft discontinued it as of July 30, 2010. Are you aware of anything similar?
  7. Use plastic that gives you a kickback of some sort. Shop via an affiliate marketing link that supports someone or an organization you like to support (say, by using the shopping links here on PN ... you're putting some of your purchase into supporting this fine establishment - which may not be that extra $20 in your pocket, but it helps to keep something we all like alive and kicking).
  8. Have you tried a Google search?
    It looks like Ritz Camera has *free* shipping on a pre-order D7000 kit....
  9. Any deal far under 1200 will be a scam. Gotta pay to play.
    Here's what I'd do. Order from Adorama by using the store tab up at the top of this page. They support B&H and Ritz online (different from the Ritz stores btw) are also great. Amazon's okay, too. I order all my stuff from Adorama and B&H myself (in that order) and anybody who has a lower price than they do is, in my experience, a scam.
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    Sometimes, despite all the pre-release hype, a new product may not sell as much as expected and this usually leads to price discounts.​
    Nish, in case some major flaw is discovered on the D7000 (I seriously doubt that will happen), all of a sudden you probably want to cancel your pre-order too, right?
    Nikon has had their share of fiascos, such as the massive D5000 recall last year:
    Hopefully nothing like that will happen to the D7000, but there is always some risk when you buy it very early in its production cycle.
    I intend to take that risk and buy a D7000 as soon as it is available so that I can test it early on. Most likely I'll just buy it from my local store since they have been helpful to me and deserve some profit from me.
  11. The camera will not be available until October. The Holiday shopping season starts about a month-and-a-half after that. Two months after the release, the Holiday shopping season, with all its discounts, will be in full swing.
    So unless your day job is testing cameras and writing reviews, or the only camera you have just broke, relax, sit back and save a little bit. Meantime, go out and shoot with that camera that you pre-ordered, and overpaid for, last year. <GRIN>
  12. Well my worry was more based on the fact that this is a new untested sensor (untested in the public market I mean).
  13. A lot of megapixels for that sensor size, I would wait for the reviews.

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