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  1. Any Game of Thrones fans here? The camera works on the epic (battle of the bastards) episode was epic, to say the least.
    There were all types of shots, from wide to tele, from handheld to remote camera control vehicle, and almost no digital enhancement (unless needed). One of the most epic scene ever filmed, TV or cinema...
    If you are not a fan, see this particular episode (season 6 episode 9) nonetheless, just for the camera works, highly recommended...
  2. I'm not a great fan of killings, but, yes, this is very impressive. Thanks Lesley.
  3. See below for a 10 minute video on the making of that segment. It gives an overview of the scale of the
    production (80 horses!) and what parts are real vs CGI.

    HBO has an even more comprehensive inside look at the production but you need a subscription to view it.
  4. The claustrophobic chaotic editing shot from the bottom (Jon Snow's POV) looking up was headache inducing. Many great sequences...Jon vs the calvary of approaching horses, the helicopter(?) shot of the army encircling the smaller pack of fighters, the hill like piles of dead bodies etc...
    The drama was top notched, yet it was mostly action (not many words) sequences tied up damn well. The editing must have been rough, ordering the madden chaos...
    ...And I usually HATE fantasy and period pieces!
  5. Leslie -- I am a fan of the series and agree that the camera work was amazing. As you say the variety of angles and methods used (and let us not forget the film editing that gave us the final version we see in the episode!) are wonderful. I have HBO in my cable subscription and did watch the "inside look" featurette that HBO made regarding "The Battle of the Bastards".
    Slightly OT -- I found this recent season to be among the most satisfying. Possibly because many of the ongoing plotlines finally seem to be resolved, or at least clearly headed toward resolution. I started reading the Georgee RR Martin series back in the 90's and initially enjoyed it. I started to become disenchanted when the books seemed to wander off into new characters and new plotlines without doing much about resolving the previous plotlines. Then there was a number of years when Martin did not publish his next book in the series. I never followed up when he finally published again and forgot about the books until HBO announced that they were creating a show based upon them. During the early seasons, I had to bite my tongue when I would hear people who had not read the books speculate on what was going to happen. I think I started enjoying the series more once it ventured beyond the books that I had read. I don't know whether the current plotlines are Martin's or if we are now completely outside the books and the series itself is creating the story continuation. I heard that the series was venturing into new territory not written by Martin, but I don't follow it offline enough to know where or when the dividing line occurred, or how much Martin himself still contributes.
  6. Martin says that what we're seeing on the show is definitely his brainchild, because he's briefed the producers on the entire story arc as well as lots of detailed bits of business. His upcoming books will as usual be far more detailed, but the series is in very much keeping with his story to date and what he has planned.

    And yes, that episode was an incredible piece of work. The behind the scenes stuff is well worth watching, as it includes of course the usual technical wizardry, but also some right proper stunt work. Very well done.
  7. Steve, it would be interesting to know the differences between the book and the show. For instance, the personalities and looks from the book compared to the show. I myself never read the books. The main characters that interest me most (from HBO) are Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. But I'm sure the actor/actress plays a part (maybe a rather large part) of my liking. I read that Daenerys looks quite different in the book, and I admit that I like her, at least, partially because of her physique. And on the contrary, I probably would find some I like better in the book...little finger and the hound come to mind.

    The one major flaw for me is the numerous characters. I must like some that I already forgotten. And the faceless tower/Arya Stark side plot is sub par for me.

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