FS: Rokinon AE 85mm f/1.4 AS IF UMC lens Nikon AIS mount, ugly but it works.

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  1. FS: Rokinon AE 85mm f/1.4 AS IF UMC lens Nikon AIS mount, ugly but it works.

    This is a manual focus lens. Purchased in a box of broken photo equipment at an estate sale. It appears that the photographer had some bad luck, several lenses broken in to pieces, many beyond repair. This 85mm lens was the best of the bunch, I was able to realign the aperture mechanism, it is not perfect, f/16 and 22 appear the same size. The aperture is quite snappy, no binding. The aperture ring moves without indents at the individual f/stops, I'm assuming that the tiny ball bearing was lost in the crash. As you can see there is a big chunk of plastic missing on the filter ring housing. The internal focus was not damaged and moves smoothly with heavier damping the closer you focus. There are scuffs to the coating on both the front and rear lenses, these are not scratches but surface mars in the coating and there is dust inside the lens. I have not noticed any flaring even in bright sunlight. There is a crack in the front housing plastic which spreads open a tiny bit when a filter is attached. Comes with a rear lens cap but no front cap. It will be very well packed for shipping.

    I’m selling this because I already have a Nikon AF 85mm f/1.8 lens, I don’t need two 85mm’s.

    THIS IS SOLD STRICKLY AS IS, NO RETURN OR REFUND. No guarantee or warrantee. USA sales only. Shipped only to an address in the USA. PM with questions.

    $60.00 plus postage

    85 a.jpg

    85 c.jpg

    85 i.jpg

    85 g.jpg

    85 d.jpg
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  2. a few more pictures

    85 ex.jpg

    85 hx.jpg
  3. one more.

    85 f.jpg
  4. Now $55.00 plus postage.
  5. The lens is no longer for sale. Thread closed

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