Found film - anybody wants to help develop?

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  1. I had bought a Zeiss Ikoflex TLR a while back, and it came with an unopened roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan in 120 size, dated 8 March 1962, that I treasure and plan to keep as is. I was reusing the packing materials and box it came in today for shipping another TLR for CLA, and just by luck happened to find a tiny roll tucked inside with white waxed wrapping with a foil layer on the other side. The wrapping has handwritten "620", the size, in red as well as black ink and has a stamped date: Aug 22, 1962. Inside was an exposed roll, with orange paper backing, and a white and red sealing tab that reads "Altipan 21 Lumiere", "Panchro 100 ASA" and "Made in France".
    I haven't developed B&W in like 30 years now, and don't have any of the supplies nor the setup, not to say anything about never having developed panchromatic film either. Would anybody that has done this volunteer to develop the roll? I have "very carefully filed away" the manual and tag that came with the Ikoflex, but if I remember correctly, the original owner's name was in there, I suspect the film belongs to the same family. If anything comes out as pictures, I'd like to dig up the old manual and make an effort to find the original family and give them their pictures.
    Barring anybody here wanting to do it, I'd like to get it developed commercially. I could use some recommendations for a hassle-free, reliable place that would develop this film at a reasonable cost and time-frame.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. I can develop it. I live in New Mexico, USA. PM for address.
  3. If its 620, save the spool. They're rarer than hen's teeth. Some cameras will accept 120 or 620, but many need a real 620 spool, at least on the takeup side.
    I've seen them go for $5 apiece, or more, on eBay.
    Paul Noble
  4. You can send it to Gene M, he has developed many many rolls of old found film, some in really bad shape.
    Go to to check out his site.
  5. I'm in Germany I have some fresh D76 and I can develop this, although I would also defer to Gene M. as mentioned in the last post! He's the master! If anything is to come of this.. let him do it! He's got the midas touch!
  6. While it's not used film. Have an unused roll of 130 Super-xx film from 1947. Since, I don't have anyway to develope film 3" wide, I called Dwayne's. They said they will develope it for me. Don't expect anything, it's a whatever happens happens. So, I'm sure they will develope yours, too.
  7. Thanks a bunch for the all responses, and wow, a volunteer within the hour is true to form for this forum! Jack (Fisher) and Chuck, special thanks to you for volunteering. Well, Jack is the first volunteer, so I am PM'ing. I, too, am a fan of Gene's work and follow all his posts. I'd like to not impose, so if Gene gets a chance to see this and responds, I'll discuss it with him.
    Julio, that's a wonderful site, thanks for the link. It has inspired me to make sure and take out the camera, manuals the found film and take a picture. Will post here later tonight.
    Jack, yeah, one never knows what will come out. But, if something does, it will be magical to see images from the past.
  8. I've been a fan of Gene's for a while and check his site often for new stuff. Just discovered Emir's site from today's post by Julio. The difference, I think, is that Emir's are just old lost photos while Gene brings life to the lost souls with his prose and commentary.
  9. I didn't mean that I could do it. I just meant that Dwayne's developing could do it for you. Gene would also be great. I can develope B&W film, but, since it's dated.Someone such as Gene or Dwayne's photo would do a better job.
  10. Shash,
    Thanks for the pm. I have sent my address via e-mail.
    Yes, haveing two "Jacks" in the same thread might confuse the issue.
    Jack F.
  11. Emir's site is cool, but I have to agree, Gene is the King of found film.
    Still waiting for that book, Gene...
  12. Here's the pic, as promised. I found the manual. But, unfortunately, there's not a name on it as I thought, but a scratched out phone number without the area-code (you can see it at the top of the manual). There's also the initials (ly, in lowercase) obscured by the box of film in this pic.
    Anyway, I am sending the film tomorrow to Jack Fisher, now that I have taken the pic.
    Jack Welsh, yes, I understood that you didn't mean you were going to develop the film. But, I did ask for recommendations of commercial processors, so thanks for that. Also Paul, I will ask Jack F. to save the spool, thanks for the reminder.
  13. rdm


  14. Hello everybody
    my brother in law found a similar Altipan 21 Lumiere film and asked me to develop it. I have still Agfa Rodinal developer which should do the trick for this old film. Not sure about the developing time. Did you succeed in developing the old film? Any results? I believe you were going to use D76.
    I'll try anyway at a standard developing time 10cc Rodinal, 8 minutes at 250cc or 17 minutes at 500cc.
    Just spooled it in my Patterson tank, which was difficult, had to try several spools and cut off the corners, but even then the film moved very slowly. Let you know if it works, might post the results.
  15. Peerless Camera, in NYC sold Lumiere Altipan 21 quite cheaply in the late '50s--I used a lot of it. If the other volunteers don't work out I'd be glad to develop it for you. The split D23 I normally use has the same developing time for any film, which would make it easy, although I guess I'd use a couple of extra minutes in the first solution to increase the contrast.
  16. I just developed the film as I mentioned in Rodinal 10cc w/500cc water at 20ºC during 17 minutes. This roll was inside a French Kodakbox sinds the 70's it still came out great, good contrast, only the last two pictures were damaged as the paper of the roll was loose, so some light came in, also little specs of film came off (on the last two only). The film is very thin and didn't dry up flat.
    I am going to scan it tonight, if the results are ok I'll post them up here.
    If you can't find anyone in the States to develop it for you, I will do it for you. Alas I am based in Ireland, so maybe too far away??
    Let us know how you're getting on.
    grs jaap
  17. Hi everyone, I developed the old film as I mentioned, in Rodinal 10cc in 500cc water at 20ºC for 18minutes.
    I was informed that the old camera was bought somewhere in the '70s in the Auvergne in France. My brother in law bought the old camera at that time and the roll of film was always in it. The results are not bad at all, considering the time the filmroll spent inside that camera: about 40 years!
    Some pictures I try to include here.
    Let me know if anyone is still occupied with this film and if there are any results.

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