Flashpoint/Excalibur/alien bees/white lightning?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by paul_sharratt, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Which would you choose and why?

    Recomendations for battery powered location lighting?
  2. I own Alien Bees aso I can't comment on the other brands. So far the Bees have proven themselves worthy for the type of photography I do. Portraits, headshots, model composite cards....so forth. I have two of their 1600 units and a single 400. Also own their 22inch pan reflector and silver/white umbrella. Their bigger light stands are pretty nice compaired to their standard one.

    Good luck when making your purchase!
  3. Alien Bees are not battery powered without their external battery power pack. Paul Buff (maker of WL and AB lights) is soon introducing a Zeus line of battery powered head/pack strobes. You might consider those.

  4. Correction to Charles Webster's post. The Zeus system ( I now have one in house for review in an upcoming issue of Professional Photographer magazine --http://www.ppmag.com ) is not battery powered. I think I know the source of this bit of mis-information -- a person on the dpreview.com Lighting forums who apparently either sells or is sponsored by one of Paul Buff's competitors.

    As with the other White Lightning and Alien Bees products the Zeus system can be powered in the field by units like the Paul C. Buff Vagabond II deep capacity battery.
  5. I thought that the zeus system was a pack and head system and that meant by definition that they were battery powered. It says on the website "The ZEUS system begins with our compact, portable power packs available in two output models." Are you saying that you must also buy the vagabond battery?
  6. Power pack systems are not, by definition, battery powered. The power pack contains the condensors, power/ratio switches, ready light, model light controls, sockets for the head cables, etc.

    There are many other very good brands of professional lighting equipment available other than the 4 lower-end brands mentioned.
  7. I've built a few battery packs for these and plan on marketing them in the near future. If interested send an email. They should be ready in a few weeks. They've been tested now for 5 years without any problems and can power the bit white lightning 3200 strobes.
  8. typo power the big white lightnings. Also pretty much anything else. Whites, AB's, Morris, Pgotogenics, Normans, the works.

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