Fixed Focal Length Friday, April 23, 2021

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  1. My old stool at the Mission Ranch. Panasonic GX1, 14mm Lens
    Carmel 21b_Mission Ranch_1.jpg
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  2. 0001mlc Cartel Faraón Museo La Caixa-FujiXF23.jpg Fuji XF 23 on Fuji X-P1
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  3. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Olympus OM 100mm f2.8 on X-E1.
  4. This April, if not the cruelest month, is making a serious bid! (D7100, 55/3.5)

    april is the cruelest month.jpg
  5. 20mm gx1 P1030584 - Copy (2).jpg
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  6. Canon F1 50mm fd . car pix119.jpg
  7. Fuji X100T, 23mm. Hope I've not posted this before, my filing system is crap.....
  8. . . Rowboats Tied to Dock on Stream, at Haarmüle. (Muensterland), Germany
    [​IMG]. . Muensterland, Germany by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg# BOGE 250. Mamiya M7, 65mm, 25a filter. Konica IR film. 1998
  9. 7C03F7B3-106B-4829-9C19-86D94E375EA7.jpeg
    100mm f3.5 Fujinon on Fujica GL690; T-Max in D76.
  10. PT1.321_g.2.1PrClBCGBCuCoRma45BW.JPG
    Kiev IIa (1957), Jupiter-12 2,8/35 (1987)
  11. Nikon D700 - Nikon 85mm f/1.4

  12. 1216_09pn.jpg

    Hasselblad 503CW, C Sonnar 250/5.6 T*, Rollei Superpan 200 in FX-39 (1+14)
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  13. Jhb-05.jpg
    Johannesburg South Africa about 1969 or 1970.
    Scanned from a print (no retouching) .
    Asahi-Pentax S1a , Super-Takumar 55mm f2.0 , no film details.
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  14. L1000879.jpg
    CV 40mm Nokton f/1.2
  15. Fuji X100, 23mm. FFLF197-web.jpg
  16. Olympus M1X + Zuiko 60mm

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