First real attempt at landscape. Please, critique openly. Thanks!

Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by adolfo.cruz, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. I like the backlighting and contrast. The tops of the trees cut off near the top bother me as does their leaning in too much. Signing your name into the picture distracts me from it and pulls my eyes away from the subject of the photo. I wonder if you moved over to the left to shoot and tried to make the orange trees the subject with the backlighting if that would have been more interesting than having the standard green trees in the middle? Nice shot.
  2. Mrs. Weishaupt, very good question. First, I think I would like to try to play with a ND filter or maybe a circular polarizer. I think that the tonality of the overall image would be better. Second, I think I would have used a stepped focus system, to make the DOF clearer. Right now, if I zoom in on the original image, it is not as sharp as I would like it to be. Lastly, I think I would have moved around a bit more and tried to make something a central focal point. As many of the critiques here have posted, there is no real focal point outside of the light source in the middle. Maybe having something would bring the viewers eyes there, instead of darting around the entire image.

    Thank you for the question.
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  3. Mr. Klein. I actually edited the image and straightened all the trees out. It was a nice challenge. I was not aware that this is something all landscapers do!! Bravo to you all if so. I understand the signature on the image, and on the straightened one, I have left it off. I have not posted it, because I wanted an objective view of what I took, without massive edits. The focal point issue, yes I can agree. As I posted to Mrs. Weishaupt, small changes would have made a difference.

    Thank you for the critique.
  4. I'd like to offer some food for thought on this.
    What constitutes a focal point/point of interest will vary. Isn't the interplay between light, shadow, and color the point of it all? When you sit in this park, do your eyes look around, or do they look for a point? They probably look around first, then zero in on many things. A good landscape image invites exploration of the environment. You photo does that, and does it nicely. A person walking through a scene doesn't necessarily make it more interesting or offer a "point of interest", but can make it cluttered and serve as an unnecessary distraction. When people are in a landscape photo they often become the subject and the landscape itself fades to the background. It's something to think about. You're doing fine, enjoy it.
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  5. Nobody wants to critique my photo, I wonder why?

    May I benefit from your extended expertise and get some comments? I would be most happy for food for thought on it. Maybe our other colleagues here will fallow, who knows?

    Thank you in advance!
  6. Jean-Claude,
    This thread is about the OP's image and I spoke about people generally, though the same could be said of deer. Folks will comment on your image in time. Food for thought is for all to enjoy or leave behind, as they wish.
  7. What is OP image?
  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    It is an image posted by the Original Poster (the person who started the thread).
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  9. Mrs. Weishaupt, your comments envoked a new spirit into my landscape journey. Your words rang true with how we, in general, experience the world around. We don't normally sit and directly stare at something, but we all tend to look around (even if it's subtle), take in the view, the environment, then settle on what we are wanting to capture/look at.

    I didn't really realize that I was doing that already, without really trying. Unconsciously, maybe it's something that we all have practiced, but never gave it real thought. So again thank you, because you've opened my eyes to a different experience on my photographic journey. Let our eye's start darting around...
  10. Should be interesting to see where that takes you Adolfo.
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  11. Unfortunately, my new EYE has not taken me anywhere because I have been working 12-14 hours a day!! ;)

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