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  1. Got some comp box seats at a local AAA baseball game, and decided to try my luck at sports photography. I was using a Canon 6D with a 100-400mm IS USM L lens. A limited viewpoint as the seats were second tier, but were behind the first base line so the view itself was nice. At any rate here are a couple . Comments are WELCOMED!
    Now you see it...
    ...and now you don't
  2. Jake, Put them in your folder. Don't forget the 'Details' for the gear heads out here. Looks like you have another outlet for your talents. Great shots. Was waiting for the call on the second & third shots. ( 'Strike!') ? You've restored my interest in a 100-400 though I shoot Nikon. Best, LM.
  3. Not certain how to do the gallery thing, will look it up in the FAQ but
    A full EXIF is available with each pic at this link

    I was up on the second tier above and behind 1st base. and so the view was okay, but above and quite aways from the players.
    As for the equipment it was just one camera and lens all day: Canon 6D with a Canon 100-400mm IS USM L lens. Most of the shots, you will notice from the EXIFs were 200-400mm)
    As for camera settings I shoot all these in Av (aperture) mode Usually F5,6,to keep shutter speeds high and at those distances DOF was not an issue. AWB, Partial metering generally, but If some shadow areas were going to play a part I reset to spot. To catch the action shots on 2d base (when a runner was on 1st I would autofocus lock on 2d base. and return to first so I had the runner in the camera. Also, and this was critical for the action shots of batters and runners, I had the camera set to continuous shots and would hold the button down, trying to do so a little before the action and also getting a couple frames after. When shooting the batter swinging I would get the batter in the frame, and have someone tell me the instant the pitcher was about to release the pitch. I kept the shutter button pressed until the action stopped. The 4+ fps of the 6D is the bare minimum I think. These were handheld, as the shutter speeds were always high enough. Although I had brought along a monopod, just in case.
    Hope this helps. It was far more fun than I thought it would be, and surprising to me really didn't interfere with watching the game, maybe enhanced it a little buit because you are forced to think about what and where the next most likely action was going to be. Now on short fast infield grounders? HA! Good luck!:D
    A couple more from that shoot:


    Bush League limo ;) ...
  4. Okay, got some pics in the gallery. Not so difficult as I thought. ;)
  5. Some great shots!
    If you can shoot with both eyes open, you may; be able to see when the pitcher is delivering. From the first base side, this might require using your left eye on the viewfinder. I haven't tried that. Viewing right eyed from the 3rd base side works well for me.
  6. Thank you.
    Yes, the both eye thing should work fine. Never gave it any thought that day because I had someone calling the action. I shoot skeet with both eyes open so that is not a problem. Good reminder...thank you!
  7. Here's a shot to left field, the farthest from where I was located above and behind 1st base. It is highly cropped, and shows well the quality of pic that this camera and lens is capable of I think.

  8. Good start, keep it up!
  9. I like your pics. How do you like the 6D? I am thinking of purchasing it. I shoot my kids playing golf on a high school team and travel baseball. What do you think of the fps? The other option for me is the 7D which is a crop, but shoots at 8 fps (if I'm not mistaken).

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