Film Camera Week for September 29

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  1. I decided to run a few through a Smena & since I read that the lens is superior (LOMO lens). Very simillar to the Smena 8 which holds the worlds record for the most sales of any single model. I think it might have been meant to use a film pack and that is why it was plagued with light leaks. It was purposed for novice photography students and has a toy like quality to it.. I am posting the shots that I could salvage from the light leaks. Converting to BW helps a lot. Used Afga 200 film.

    smena7 9-28b.jpg

    smena7 9-28bbw.jpg

    smena7 9-28a.jpg

    smena7 9-28d.jpg

    smena7 9-28dbw.jpg

    smena7 9-28e.jpg

    smena7 9-28ebw.jpg

    smena7 9-28abw.jpg
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  2. Mike G - Hermione in the window is sweet. I'm not really a cat lover, but love the image and sometimes a rare feline.

    I've been in desperate need of some tone porn. Rick delivers like clockwork. :) 'Don't know if its just my eyes, but I don't see Kentmere look this rich from others. You also do Acros wonderfully & I gave up on it.

    JamesB - Mill shots are nice. 'Love the low cam position on the first one.

    The toy soldier statue delivered the goods w/ that Nikon. Nicely done, Erko.

    Marcel - wonderful composition on the cruiseliner & Cafe Rotterdam.

    Bertliang - what's up w/ the chain link fences? Each time you shoot them, they give all the goodies we'd expect from LF. Sharp, clear, depth of texture & tone. You make them look good.

    'Very cool - being able to keep using the Bantam w/ 35mm, Greg.
  3. img887.jpg Just a couple from the last roll of PanF before losing the winder. Cedar Creek and the Grist Mill.

    f11 for the mill, f`16 for the creek - 'bout 1/4s, 3s respectively.
  4. No need to use 35 mm film on the Bantam with the help of a wood lathe I cut down a roll of 120 film and load it in 15 minutes and if cut from the right end the backing paper numbers line up with the view windows to give me all I need for advancing to the next frame. It is so simple and fast. I will do my next photos with the bantam. With the other portion of t(e film I have enough to use the large to ha e a 16 mm role. And no 35 mm perforations on the sides.
  5. I finished a roll of Bergger Pancro 400 that had been languishing in the Mamiya 645 1000s, waiting for a fine day. I'll post some samples; the lens was the 55-110mm Mamiya Sekor f/4.5, and the film was developed in PMK Pyro and scanned on an Epson V700 Photo using Silverfast SE software.



    Imperial Productions

    Imperial Productions.jpg





    Please Take One

    Please Take One..jpg

  6. The extra film size would be most welcome. 'Not clear is if each roll of 120 needed a trip to the lathe.

    Rick, you're tearing them up w/ that Mami glass & your fine processing.
  7. I really liked your earlier reference to "tone porn". :) I totally get that. Everything I've seen from Rick is just stunning. I'd say I want to be him when I grow up, but it's probably too late for that :D
  8. I take a roll of 120 and secure it in mini wood lathe. with pen,pencil or tape mark off 35 mm. with an exacto saw (whatever) I just turn on lathe and it cuts perfectly to size in about 10 seconds with the paper backing in place.. it is so quick and thin cut along with the film wound tight the is no light penetration. Then quickly off to the dark where I rewind it to 828 spool. With the right orientation the numbers appear in window or you can guestimate each advance. You can also lay out the film in darkroom and with aspacer make A vertical line every 42 mm wich will show in window. The advance release becomes superfluous. I did post a better description with photos, I will try to find it.. If you do not have a lathe you can make a cutting guide with a few winds of tape and cut with razor, exacto saw or knife or even a good steak knife. With all of ythese I have had no problem with light penetration. The other end I save with a piece black tape and use it for 16 mm camera.
  9. Aw shucks, fellas...Thanks for the kind words. Since I've been fooling around with cameras for about six decades, I guess it's me who never really grew up...
  10. Minolta Autocord, Pan F+, Old door in mock castle in a park.


  11. Auferstehungskirche (Resurrection Church) Oberkassel

    (Some Building) Leug Allee Oberkassel

    Faux Fachwerk Eckhaus Schanzenstr/Columbusstr, Oberkassel

    Rhein View

    My Street/Lohengrinstr

    Seems my original text disappeared

    Here are some recently scanned images. The first group is from the Vitomatic IIIb with the Ultron lens. The last two are done with a recently acquired Zeiss Ikon Contessa S310. These were both Kentmere 100 souped in Rodinal... not really the best.
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  12. 2017-10-01-0015.jpg

    QUOTE="chuck_foreman|1, post: 5606337, member: 2409759"]
    Auferstehungskirche (Resurrection Church) Oberkassel


    (Some Building) Leug Allee Oberkassel


    Faux Fachwerk Eckhaus Schanzenstr/Columbusstr, Oberkassel

    2017-09-30-0014 (3).jpg

    Rhein View

    2017-09-30-0018 (3).jpg

    My Street/Lohengrinstr

    Seems my original text disappeared

    Here are some recently scanned images. The first group is from the Vitomatic IIIb with the Ultron lens. The last two are done with a recently acquired Zeiss Ikon Contessa S310. These were both Kentmere 100 souped in Rodinal... not really the best.[/QUOTE]
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  13. The results look good to me, Chuck.
  14. Hello everyone. These two race cars illustrate the technology changes of the late 50's-early 60's. #41 is a front engine Lola, #88 is a rear-engine Bobsy. Both use the same engine. As in their hay day, this race was very close for the first 10 minutes (of 20), until "technical problems" slowed #88 enough to let #41 thru for the win. SOVREN keeps these historical race cars on the tracks where they "played" many years ago. Enjoy, Bill 2k17-107-025 ces10 bc.jpg
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  15. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Weather hasn't been cooperative this week, so here's a bit of C.P. instead. Enjoy.


    Pretty Petris
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  16. Nice collection of Petris, Dave. They are handsome cameras, and this kit looks to be in great shape.
  17. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Thanks, Rick. Like Miranda, they are kind of an overlooked brand so the gear can often be had for a good price, though some of the accessories are hard to come by. If I get some time later I'll try to post a bit more.
  18. Okay, I am slowly digitizing photos and slides from 40's to 90's. These are from my Pentax in the 80's. IK am also converting to BW at the sametime and can not always decide if one is superior to the other

    old south street pentax.jpg

    old south street pentaxbwa.jpg

    grand central 1978.jpg

    old streamII bw.jpg

    old streamII.jpg

    pentax seaport1a.jpg

    old verrazano2.jpg

    old verrazano2bw.jpg

    whiteface mt 1980.jpg
  19. Come On Dave ! Most of us are adults, so stop using the initials ! It's Camera Porn !! Great collection, and the "authorities" can not bust you for it ! Bill

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