Film Camera Week for October 5

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  1. Welcome all to our new thread and a new month. As usual post all the images you like from your film camera. I'll start with some negatives from a few years back that I only recently scanned. All images on Tri-X processed in HC110 dilution B,
    back entrance, Minolta SRT 101, 55mm f 1.7 MC Rokkor

    church south of town, Minolta SRT 101 (don't remember the lens, but used a K2 filter)
    street from morning bike ride, Minolta SRT 101 with 55mm f 1.7 MC Rokkor
    Empty tables, Minolta SRT 101 resting on table edge for what was likely a slow shutter speed
    About 7 or so years back someone asked me how I enjoy music in my old 1986 Chevy Celebrity which had a working AM/FM radio and non functional tape player. I used a clamp to attach the camera to the headrest on the seat and set self timer and preset focus and exposure. Framing was off so I cropped it some. Don't remember the camera but film was Tri-X.
    Playing iPod through FM radio, Not sure of camera, but likely not a rangefinder since I don't have any that would focus this close.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's images this week.
  2. Haft Staff. Nikon F2as, 105mm f2.5 Nikkor ais, B+W 022, Fomapan 400. 2018 ab&w 16 1.jpg
  3. Pier. F2as, 105/2.5, 022, Fomapan 400. 2018 ab&w 16 7.jpg
  4. Gasoline Ice Cream Maker. F2as, Zeiss Milvus 50/1,4, 022, Fomapan 400. 2018 ab&w 16 22.jpg
  5. Ice Cream Maker Another View. F2as, Milvus50/1.4, 022, Fomapan 400. 2018 ab&w 16 23.jpg
  6. Singer Prairie Arts Festival. F2as, Milvus 50mm, 022, Fomapan 400. 2018 ab&w 16 24.jpg
  7. A couple of drag racing images from back in the good old days, recently scanned. Both with a Yashica Penta J, 135mm f/2.8 Spiratone preset lens, Spriatone 2X Telextender, and Plus-X.

    AM/SP Cheetah
    Drags - Midwest Auto Parts Cheetah (F-1966-8-B-A23-06).jpg

    B/G Willys
    Drags - Gene 'Pee Wee' Foster - (F-1965-8-B-A10-14).jpg
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Agat 18k, TMAX 100, yellow filter.

    For Lease, Agat 18k.jpg

    For Lease
  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  10. Kettle Corn. . if you are down wind, insanity creeps into your taste buds ! Our local Farmers Market guy really works. He goes thru close to 50# of pop corn and gallons of various syrups for coating. My favorite is caramel. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, UFX400, OA & V800 scan. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill 2k18-050-021 ces13 bc 4x6.jpg
  11. Contax IIA, 21mm, Kodak Tech Pan Glover Park, Marietta, GA

  12. Well it's been a terrible season for me this year.. I have ruined most every roll of film I've shot through my own stupidity and carelessness. I f there was license ..mine should be revoked. I've pulled out a few pics here and there be tween the fogged frames and light leaks as well as the self induced scratches.
    Most of this is from three rolls through my new to me Contax RTS. ( I've noticed some capping too.. the Gods never leave me alone) Unless other wise noted this is all Kentmere souped in D76.


    This is APX 400 stand developed in Rodinal.. Side of Tonhalle


    Also APX 400 Stand developed in Rodinal.. is that capping there on the left?


    Das Ehrenhof /NRW Forum Wirtschaft und Kultur


    Catholic Church in Krefeld


    Somebody's very cool Triumph TR4a Roadster


    The Vodafon Campus
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  13. [​IMG]

    Dodge at Mt. Rainier. M3 / Provia 160
  14. Kitchen window, same details.

  15. Rolleiflex 3.5 Xenotar, Provia.

  16. We are off to an amazing start this week, everyone. Lovin' those Prairie Arts photos, James. @ Chuck- been a while since I've seen capping. Or is it curtain bounce? Maybe someone here who's seen it more often will come in on this one. I hope to process some film this weekend. I've had a bad cold the last week and a half and haven't felt like darkroom work, but I did scan some older negatives last night so I'm better. Got a roll of HP5+ in the Rollei 35 and a roll of Plus-X in my XE that I need to develop.
    Keep those great images coming, everyone.
  17. putt, putt, BANG! putt, putt, BANG! putt, putt, BANG!
  18. Second roll through my Pentacon Six, 80mm Biometar, Outside Salmagonis in Montreal (Petits Italie)
    Ilford 400 processed in Xtol (very contrasty results. Probably should have had it lab-processed rather than doing it myself)
    img113 resized for posting.jpg

    Outside McGill University Residences on Sherbrooke
    Tmax 400 in Xtol
    img111 resized for posting.jpg
  19. Nice result from your Contax IIa. This shot with the benches under the trees and the sun peeking through is wonderful!
  20. Ditto

    Love all the circular patterns complimenting each other, nicely captured

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