Film Camera Week for November 17

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  1. Thanks, Rick. Not as much activity this weekend. I've watched a lot of college football today but will finish up some film after church tomorrow and do some developing. My wife and I are off all week for Thanksgiving. May get through a few rolls.
  2. Hello everyone. Rick's choice of Walter Lang's grave cross is well chosen. If one remembers history, World War I or "The Great War", ended on 11-11-1918, the same day Sgt Lang was KIA. Do a Google search & he shows up quickly. . .One of the last American victums of that war.
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  3. Cheers Bill and Rick,

    Lang is one of 7 men buried at Flanders Fields that were killed that morning when the armistice was signed. I did indeed pick his grave for the photograph for that very reason.
    At 11am there was a small commemoration held in the center of the cemetery, with a delegation of American boy scout and girl scout troops there.

    Unknown soldier, French cemetery St.Charles de Potyze near Ypres.
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  4. Well done Rick!

    We had a very windy weekend. This is what happens in our coast when the wind comes. Cars get a nice wash when the wave comes.


    Nikon F2 with 50/1.4, FP4+ in DK-50 (just found an old can).
  5. I am late this week , to much work and to bad weather .....
  6. A few more.
    Dak, Minolta XE-5, 50mm f1.7 MC Rokkor, FP4+

    Tracks by a fence, same gear and film

    across the street from the Grill
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  7. Himatic_124_Koptelefoon.jpg

    Himatic 7S AGFA APX400
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  8. Hiking around Point Lobos today. 120 Tri-x at 800 in D76 1:1 for 12 min. Yellow #8 with Circular polarizer

    Pt Lobos web.jpg
  9. One more shot. Same roll.

    PointLobos coastline-web.jpg
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  10. Rick - It could just be a trick of my memory, but this set seems to be even more stunning than your usual standard. I wasn't sure that was possible. But, these seem to have just a tad more detail and contrast than I recall being your standard. But, now I'm seeing the set shot with the Canon FD T70 fitted with a Tamron Adaptall II 35-135mm, and they also seem to have a bit more edge than I recall being your standard. I could just be getting senile, I suppose. Or did you possibly tweak your processing?
  11. Ross - It's nice to see someone using not just one, but two filters, and doing it properly :) Makes me feel like less of an anachronism.
  12. Nice shot, Julio! Do you mind if I ask where this is? It looks like a fun place to visit.
  13. Thank you for your comment. Stacking 2 filters is a good thing but I must admit that my wife gets a bit bored while I fiddle around. I forgot my tripod quick release yesterday is the reason I shot at 800. Just to get the shutter speed up.
  14. You're welcome. I didn't notice the shutter speed, and wouldn't have found it unusual unless I really thought about it. Living in Arizona, speeds in the thousands are normal.
  15. davecaz said:

    Thanks, Dave! The Ilford FP4 Plus I used for the series with the T70 is particularly suited to development in the PMK Pyro but it's more costly than the Arista or Kentmere I usually use. Other than that, nothing changed. I'm pleased you liked the pics.
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  16. I seem to hover around 1/60th a lot using filters in daylight. Of course it depends on which one or combination. For landscapes I tend to shoot at f22 with the Mamiya which certainly takes a bite out of your shutter speed.
  17. Davecaz, this is Montevideo city in Uruguay, and the place is in the South Rambla near the Old City.

    The Rambla is a seaside (or riverside, because it is the River Plate, technically an estuary) avenue. Not the best place to be in a windy day or storm but very, very nice in good weather.
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