Film Camera Week for May 8

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  1. Here's a selection from the Minolta SR-1 with the 58mm Haiou-64 f/2 lens that I pictured over in the "What camera...." thread. The film was Arista EDU Ultra 200 developed in Pyrocat HD.





    Old Railway

    Old Railway.jpg







  2. I have been out a while from posting anything.. You know bad weather, no chemicals, ran out of film etc. But now... Mixed new developer, bought another 30m of film..and I'm back in the saddle again..
    The withdraw was bad.. I had to get a fix... Luckily I live in a large city and the competing drug chains each offer a b&w film 100/400 ASA. So I took the plunge under the new mandatory Cov-ID guidlines to get some. So I bought 2/36 exp and later split the rolls into two 2/18 exp.
    I brought out the Contina II . I had forgotten the fragile film travel. The slight binding of the eveready case, caused a jump in the winding and missed the end point/spacing . I had a roll of 6x9 from a Bessa I that was waiting development, And ...Idiot that I am ....I had forgotten the roll of 400ASA that was in The ZI S310 since February?. This camera was a candidate for the new film. I wanted however first to observe/test the meters operation with the camera back open. Opened it up outside OOOPs It was at the end of the roll anyway, but you can imagine . So I then took the OM10 w 28mm Zuiko for the other half roll . I did then also go back out with the Contina II and it performed perfectly to my great satisfaction for the third of my four 15 exp rolls. These were all developed in a fresh batch of D76 The Bessa had Earl Grey 100 and the 35mm is all Agfa APX100. I will note which camera. These are for the most part direct scans no enhancements.


    Düsseldorf Harbor Contina II 45mm Opton w light Yellow


    Düsseldorf am Rhein Contina II 45mm Opton w light Yellow


    Easter Lilies (Brush cleared) Bessa I Voigtar


    I guess I wasn't holding it level.. Bessa ! / Voigtar Vodafon Campus

    New Construction Zeiss Ikon S310


    I shoot this tree shot a lot . (used to be ) Way to Work Zeiss Ikon S310


    I forgot to increase the resolution for 35mm Downtown Newspaper office "Reinsiche Post" Olympus OM10 Zuiko 28mm/yellow filt


    Right Side of the Triton/Neptune Statue Königs Allee Düsseldorf Olympus OM10 Zuiko 28mm

    AprAPX yellfilt08.jpg

    Königs Allee Head Pavillion Contina II

    AprAPX yellfilt13.jpg

    Statue near Justice Hall Contina II
  3. A really interesting collection there, Chuck! I know I'd get confused with so many cameras on the go so I think you did very well.
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  4. 17379543-2EB9-46A4-9ECC-1A8B79672EC7.jpeg
    Olympus Mju Panorama Fuji Superia 400
  5. [QUOTE="]A really interesting collection there, Chuck! I know I'd get confused with so many cameras on the go so I think you did very well.[/QUOTE]

    In a lot of ways I was just working through the back log and pent-up frustration. Like many of us...I have way too many cameras. ..The Contina II was used twice.

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