Film Camera Week for May 20

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  1. 015ACMC Carretera a Tamajón Nieve CFD28.jpg

    018ACMC Nieve Casa Tía Jose CFD70-210.jpg
    Canon F-1n. Canon FDn 70-210. Kodak Gold 100
  2. [​IMG]



    Leica IIIc, Summitar, Rollei Retro 80s
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  3. I picked up another Konica rangefinder (like I don't have enough old film cameras) This one is a Model III with a 48mm F2 Hexanon lens. I picked it up off of Ebay and was disappointed to see the frame counter does not work and there is a filter ring dent. Both issues were undisclosed. Cosmetically the camera is beautiful with an acceptably clear rangefinder and smooth film advance. Test shot.

    Konica III HP5 in Hc110 1-50 7 minutes.jpg
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  4. To keep things moving along here are some from the Minolta SRT202 with the Tokina RMC 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 one-touch zoom that I pictured in the "What camera weekend..." thread. As I'd hoped, it performed very well. The film was Kentmere 100 developed in PMK Pyro.

    Boss Stool

    Boss Stool copy.jpg


    Crossing copy.jpg




    Floating copy.jpg


    Late copy.jpg



  5. Great results from the Tokina, Rick. Another Tokina that I like is the often overlooked compact 70-210 f 4-5.6. I have one in Yashica C/Y mount.
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  6. Another from the Agfa Selectaflex, Telinear 90mm lens.

  7. 1st selection from a walkabout with an Olympus Mju 2. Film was Kentmere 400 developed in Xtol.

    Green Energy

    Kent 400 Mju2  Petaling St (3) copy 2.jpeg

    Heat Sentinel

    Kent 400 Mju2  Petaling St (4) copy 2.jpeg


    Kent 400 Mju2  Petaling St (11) copy 2.jpeg


    Kent 400 Mju2  Petaling St (15) copy 2.jpeg


    Kent 400 Mju2  Petaling St (27) copy 2.jpeg
  8. 4E30D5B4-9507-4E23-8C53-BA1BADB6DE27.jpeg
    Canon T70 FD 28 mm f2.8 Fomapan 100
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  9. Last one of the week for me. Konica III loaded with HP5+ developed in HC110.
    Barn Konica III HP5 HC110 1-50 7 min.jpg
  10. Hello
    Here are a few from a recently acquired OM1 with a 3.5 28mm lens
    These are Delta 100 expired in my first batch of D76 1-1
    Just some shots around the yard to test the camera.
    Don caged tree.jpg plows.jpg bird house.jpg mariposa.jpg oak ivy.jpg planters.jpg
  11. Nice results, Don, a lovely image of the tree and the ivy!
  12. Developed and scanned a roll over the weekend so I'll add to the thread. I used a Minolta XE-5 with MD Celtic 28mm f 2.8 and Ilford HP5+.
    My wife and youngest son walking ahead. I offered to take their picture together but couldn't convince them. College View Street at Mississippi State to the right.
    better view of same street
    No filter, btw, Iford HP5+ does a fairly good job of holding sky detail even without a K2 or similar filter.
    I never seem to have color film when I encounter this sign.
    The Mill (also in Starkville)
    Sidewalk parallel to College View (on the way to Marco's Pizza)
    Great photos, everyone. I look forward to seeing some more. I'm currently running a film through the XE-5 with the MD 35-135 and hope to have images from it in time for the new thread on Thursday.
  13. Cinestill 50D, Praktica LTL, recent scans shot a couple weeks ago. Carl Zeiss f1.8 50mm Jena Pancolar lens.

  14. Here's a photo. Olympus 35 RC, 45 mm/f 2.8 Zuiko lens, Fujicolor Superia 400, f 8-1/125 second. I used my Gossen Luna Pro meter.

  15. Here's one more image. Same technical details as before.

  16. Thank You Rick
    Appreciate it
  17. Hello again
    Here are some from a "new" Olympus Trip 35 test with Kentmere 100 in the new batch of D76 1-1
    I used the Trip in auto mode and I am pleased with how they turned out, some soft but that was, as usual me.
    You will notice some recurring photos as my tests are usually around the yard.


    grind stone.jpg Mariposa.jpg plows.jpg side yard art.jpg

    oak tree.jpg
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  18. Some more Olympus 35 RC action. 45 mm/f.2.8 Zuiko lens. f8/ 1/125 second. Fujicolor Superia 400 film, and Gossen Luna Pro meter. 4586_025.JPG
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