Film Camera Week for February 23

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  1. Sure is :D I tried to do this once before. Got myself a Polaroid Sprintscan, complete with SCSI card and cable, and a copy of Silverfast, but the noise from the scanner when it was running was horrific, and the results didn't justify the suffering. It was literally one of the worst sounds I've ever experienced. I considered building a sound-deadening box for it, but ended up just putting it on the shelf, instead. It sat there for years. I finally recycled it a few weeks ago. I hated to do it, because it was in "like new" condition, but people can't give them away on eBay, so I didn't bother trying.

    I'm assuming the noise was from the stepper motor. My new-ish Epson V370 Photo scanner makes the same kind of noise, but at 1/4 the volume and a less bone-piercing pitch. I don't know why the Polaroid was so loud. It was an expensive machine in its day.
  2. Yeah, the 35-105 is a good walking-around zoom range. There was also a 28-135 in the same series of lenses, but it's relatively rare and sought after. All of those lenses were outstanding, from what I've read. For awhile they got quite expensive on eBay, but prices seem to have plummeted recently. Maybe the super-high resolution sensors have finally exceeded their capabilities.
  3. Nice shots, and I agree with the political statement poster. More of an ethical statement, though.

    I thought I knew all the Electro variants, but what's an HP5?
  4. Slowly getting around to film from the NZ & HI trip. After xrays in Victoria and Auckland (both arrival & departure) I decided to get them processed at Treehouse in HI on the way home rather than 2 more zaps in HI and Seattle. I believe the results are a fraction grainier than usual but not significantly. However, not knowing Treehouse's Developer & Protocol this could be the result of processing or zapping.
    Here's a few with the Nicca 3f, J-12 35mm and FOMA 400, of some white wooden edifices I have a perchance for since my Large Format days.

    Here's lonely St. Johns out on the coast at Waimarama Beach, Hawkes Bay.

    St. Johns, Waimarama.

    Somewhat different, in Hastings main street.

    St. Demetrios Orthodox Church, Hastings.

    A couple out on the Meeanee Road between Hastings & Napier. (Yellow Y2 Filter) Jan18NZNicca3fJ35Foma400Treehouse (3).jpg
    St. Thomas Church, Meeanee.

    Red Faced here! Got to the "Old Church" on Meeanee Road and was not pleasantly received. My daughter subsequently informed me that it has not been a Church for years but, under a succession of owners is a private function hall for weddings & receptions.

    Jan18NZNicca3fJ35Foma400Treehouse (4).jpg
    The Old Church, Meeanee Road.

    Finally, the Manse & Gardens, now probably the owners residence.

    Jan18NZNicca3fJ35Foma400Treehouse (1).jpg
    Old Church Manse & Gardens.

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  5. Hello

    Sorry, HP5 is the film used, I abbreviated the description as I had posted camera and film info in the prior post in this thread.
    Yashica Electro 35 GSN model using HP5 developed in Pyrocat HD
  6. D'oh! My bad. But you are getting nice shots with the GSN.
  7. From Minolta SRT 101 and 28mm f2.8 MD Celtic.
    not sure if it's for sitting or just looking
    definitely not for riding

    part of city park

    All images, btw, are on Ilford HP5+ processed in HC110 dilution H.
  8. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the "In the Footsteps of the 82nd Airborne" walk this weekend;
    So here's an image from 2 years ago

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  9. Leica MP, Fuji Superia at Jamestown Railroad near Sonora Calif.

  10. Leica MP, Fuji 400 at Historic Columbia Calif.

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  11. One more from my Leica. This house is the same house that Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly walked out of in the movie High Noon. The train in the movie is from the Jamestown Railroad and it's the #3. It's not the train I posted in this thread however I have ridden on the #3 before. It's been in more than 100 movies. Not likely to be in more movies as they use CGI trains now. All fake stuff for movies that suck. OH yeah. The house is at Columbia Calif. Just a few miles from the Jamestown railroad. It's a great place to visit and the stagecoach takes you on rides. Good icecream in Columbia.

    Grace and Gary-web.jpg
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